Friday, February 25, 2011


Things I dislike:

Inspired by my Favorite morning radio station, K-92. Only this will be in story fashion, because that's how I roll.

*The cliche use of the words "Epic" and "Fail". When did these become popular? Why did these become popular? How did these become popular? Yes, something may be Epic. But if every single status update on facebook or every single tweet involves something "Epic"... then maybe I need a more exciting life. Because I have had a few "Epic" instances in my entire life... and they were such amazing moments it typically took me awhile to process the experience to share with the world. For instance, I feel like true Deja Vu is "Epic". I do not feel like a cup of coffee can be "Epic". Now for "Fail". Yes, that is funny. But it is not funny when you use the word at least once every hour. Maybe you just shouldn't be such a loser? Or maybe you shouldn't hang out with loser people? Or maybe you shouldn't be so judgmental of other people? (she says so modestly)

*That brings me to dislike number 2. Misuses of "That's What She Said". Sorry to all the young kids who picked it up. Sorry to those seriously trapped in the Liberty bubble. Sorry for those other sheltered kids who haven't found their way to the Liberty bubble, but will some day. Although, the Liberty bubble is coming closer and closer to being popped. Anyways, for those who misuse this phrase. It is entirely sexual. There is NO OTHER purpose for the phrase as a punch line if not meant with a sexual connotation. Yes, it is dirty. Sometimes dirtier than others. But, for your innocent minds, most of the worst ones you wouldn't understand anyways. Am I proud that I understand? Not necessarily.

*When people read books just because they saw the money and liked it. Attention: Movies are based on books and not vice versa. Rarely are books written to accompany a movie. Yes, Indiana Jones had paperbacks written based on the movies... but come on. It's Indiana Jones! My favorite books are The Count of Monte Cristo and Emma. Thankfully, I loved both of these movies as well. But when people don't know that these are books at all... that is sad.

*Confederates. I just don't understand what there is to be proud of? Honestly, no comprehension at all. Nothing. It will always confuse me. If someone would like to explain this to me I will be more than willing to listen. If all you can say is, "Well, I was born round yonder and that's that"... please don't waste my time. No, it's not all about slavery... but what else was there to be proud of?

*Glee. I finally watched one episode. I admit, I was intrigued. I may even watch more. But there are certain people on that show... I don't like to bad mouth celebrities because they are people too. Honestly, that is my reasoning. But there are things about that show... not good. The singing and dancing almost make up for it. No, it's not the best ever. But I am one of those people who wishes life could be a musical. So it is fun. But in general, not a fan. Unfortunately. I'm pretty picky when it comes to TV. Weird, I know.

*Leggings. Not cute. Sorry, girls. Never been a fan and even though they're stylish... I don't like them. Not comfortable. Not attractive. Why bother?

*I dislike debt. A lot. Yes, Matthew and I have been extremely blessed to own two cars with no payments and have zero student loans. Thanks mom and dad and MIL and pops. But when people are complaining over the US debt... and they are sitting there taking out student loans on top of student loans and using every penny of their refund... no a wise choice. Think through the consequences. If you need to use student loans for your education, I understand. But what you're not using send back to the DOE. It's that simple. You'll be paying those back the rest of your life! Not worth it. Use what you need and nothing more.

I could continue. But I should stop. Maybe someday I'll go into more dislikes. It's kinda fun to blab for awhile about nothing. None of this is important, really. But it's fun to just complain sometimes.

One last one because I always have to mention it.

Nevermind. My sister came on skype. I'm going to see if she's available.

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