Thursday, February 24, 2011


Oh if life wasn't run by money. Yes, money definitely isn't everything, but it is required to pay the bills. Which are sure racking up for February!

Our rent is going up over $100 when our lease renews. Stink. I have to keep telling myself that in another 10 months we won't pay rent ever again. Thankfully, we can afford the extra $100 or so. But still, that stinks.

Matthew has some dental work that needs to be done. Granted, neither of us has had a dental appt since we got married. I know, shame on us. What does that mean? $1200. Lovely. I'm not getting mine checked until after he's in the military. Mine feel fine. I clean them well. No issues, right? Let's hope so.

Again, at least we've been wise with our money so the above issues aren't really problems at all. It still makes me frustrated.

I miss traveling. I used to go out of the country every year. I love to travel internationally. Haven't left the Continentals since marriage. Which is fine. But I miss me some good culture! Still hoping for that cruise someday! Sooner rather than later. Hint hint?

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