Sunday, February 20, 2011

Choosing Books

I haven't been feeling 100% for about two weeks now. I took a sick day last Friday, but I had overtime accrued so I still have all my official sick days for the year. This week I just felt extremely exhausted. Example: Since I wasn't feeling well Matthew let me sleep in this morning. I slept until noon. Got up and we had brunch. Then fell asleep on the couch while he played Dead Space 2. I woke up two hours later. I just turned in my last assignment for this week and have the evening free! I have some errands to run, but will save them for another day. I just want to stay home with no makeup and an improper outfit on. Someday you just have to be comfortable. Especially on days when you might fall asleep at any given moment.

So... I'm behind on my reading for my second book review due next week for class. Behind as in, it's due next week and I'm only halfway through chapter 1. It's not a boring book... but it's not a novel either. I still haven't finished The Portrait of a Lady (I'll probably have spent an entire year reading it by the time I'm finished!) because kept moving it to different rooms and picking up other books/magazines in the meantime. Sigh. Right now it is immediately to my left next to my Canon camera and under some returned mail. That returned mail is Christmas cards that I never resent when I got the correct addresses. Pathetic, I know.

I am still reading The Life of Pi. You would think that when one is sick one would have ample amounts of time to read. Except my head hurts when I'm sick and since I can't see anyways, it hurts to concentrate on words. So that has fallen behind. I have read two entire volumes of Calvin and Hobbes and a couple extremely light and fluffy books (i.e. romance novels) in the meantime. Those take one, maybe two sittings to finish and the print is generally large so I don't have to strain to see. Pathetic. again.

I think I'm leaning towards another romance novel for tonight. Yes, they are Christian novels so they're not dirty. There are excerpts in my magazines from dirty novels. Supposedly to entice you to buy them. It's weird to me.

All that to say: I don't feel well. My head hurts. I have many books I should be reading. But I'm choosing a different book instead. Maybe some vanilla tea will make me feel better. Vanilla tea and a romantic novel are pretty much the best. Maybe I'll go all the way and watch something like Pride and Prejudice later to top it off.

The end.

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