Friday, February 18, 2011

Week End

It is the week's end. Never has it been more welcome. Although, I do have to work tomorrow. Stink. Keep a positive attitude. That is the key! I am sinking fast in energy right now and I still have a journal article critique to write. Yes, it is short and simple. Yes, I may babble on about something unrelated if I am not paying attention. I am very tired. Definitely will have to check it twice before turning it in.

I may need to walk down the hall to the coffee shop for a pick me up. Tired just hit me like whoa. I was tired last night after work. I got off work at nine. I updated my resume and sent some emails and then was hungry. By the time my husband got home he wanted me to watch "just one episode" of FRIENDS with him. Can't say no. Stupid choice. I slept through my alarm until 6:51. I leave the house at 7. No shower. Threw my hair into a braid at work. Eye makeup at work. At least my outfit it cute.

We have a work potluck today. We had "Co-worker Appreciate Week" and this is the culmination. The food is yummy. I am pleased. Now I just need some coffee.

All of this to say, my week has slowly gotten better from my bad day on Monday. Next week will hopefully be much better. It's just been one of those weeks, we all have them.

On a separate note: I looked at the last three classes I have for my Master's program... stink. Sound interesting but in two of them I have to find people to actually counsel. Stink. My program is related to counseling and I am interested in that, but since I'm not seeking a license I don't feel like I need practical experience. I have to find a premarital couple to do 3 one hour sessions with... have to sit in on a group therapy session... and have to set up a group on my own. Who wants someone without a license counseling them? Premarital I think would be kind of fun, but where am I supposed to find these people? Awkward. Oh well. I'll be done soon. Part of me want to speed it up and get it done with. But one class at a time is sure nice on the nerves.

Ok. The body needs coffee. And out.

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