Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Diamonds make everything better

So I had a pretty horrible day on Monday. Yup, on Valentine's Day. Both myself and my husband worked late that evening so no plans for us. I had a hopeful attitude about two jobs I applied for... which both ker-plunked. There aren't many job opportunities for Career Advancement at Liberty after your work for LU Online. To transfer positions you have to make the same or more as your current job. I was an idiot and accepted my 6 month raise... locking myself into the call center. It's not a horrible job, but I would prefer something with a regular schedule and not a varying shift every single day. Sigh. I'm not really looking for a management position as I'm not much of a leader. I don't even want to be a leader, really. I feel like I would do well at a management position in certain departments, but alas, no positions available. Anyways, I was pretty upset at work right after I found out. Now, I'm not upset at all. But yesterday helped.

Matthew let me sleep in since it was Tuesday, my day off. That helped. I was tired and exhausted all day since my eyes hurt from crying and being emotional. We then went to Ruby Tuesday's for lunch. That made my day because I love the salad bar and they have Sprite. None of this Pepsi products business.

We then went to the mall and bought me these.

Yes, those are real diamonds. He wanted to buy me the large hoops. Yes, they were pretty... but they were also very expensive. He was being very generous, but I thought it was unnecessary. So after trying on several pairs and trying on some tennis bracelets, these were the obvious winners.
I wanted something that was fancy enough for dressy occasions, but casual enough for every day wear. Well, not EVERT day wear... but wouldn't look out of place at my office. I tried on several different styles but loved loved loved the three hoops on these. I love them. Maybe a tennis bracelet someday, but every time I try them on I don't like it. For now, diamond rings, diamond necklace, diamond earrings... yes, I'm spoiled!

One another note, these are the best kittens. They are lovely.
We also went to the bank yesterday. Just making another deposit. Matthew is going to set up direct deposit for his paycheck so we can stop making these darn deposits! Anyways, since we were finally both there together and not in a rush, we set up a Money Market Account. We've been meaning to do that... since we've been married! I'm not too sure about investments and all that. It makes me nervous. But a Money Market Account is nice and safe. So we now have our regular checking account, regular savings account, MMA, and Way 2 Save. All with sizable amounts in them. It makes me happy that we've managed to be responsible with our money throughout our marriage. The only times we've ever used credit cards is when there was zero interest, we had the full amount ready to pay right then, but we just wanted to build our credit (which was already excellent thanks to my parents!). We have been incredible blessed to have zero school debt or loans, own two cars, and never have gone into debt for anything else. Extremely blessed. I don't know how some other people do it! I wouldn't mind having a mortgage... but it just isn't a good idea with our future plans. Someday maybe we'll settle somewhere for five or so years and buy a house. But most likely not until Matt retires from the Marines. I can wait.

All that to say, I am feeling much better. We have plenty of funds in the bank. I have pretty, new, sparkly earrings. I have wonderful kittens. I have a good job that pays more than I need and is at a Christian organization. I have a wonderful husband who loves me oh so much. Life is golden.

My parents are in Mexico right now. We just skyped from the hospital down there. If you're into Medical Missions, you should go! It's pretty incredible.

The end.

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