Monday, March 07, 2011

Round Two

Today felt like a bad day.

I use one of these every day at work. If you've worked in an office of any kind, you're probably familiar with it. Woot, Cisco.

This sums up my day at work. Yes, I may have not been in the best attitude. Yes, that may have been my fault. No, I did not say this to any of the students I talked to .

It's just so difficult when all I want is this.

I also want to be able to legitimately start purchasing these. Have to stock up. Seems a little silly to start now.

Seriously, how cute! How colorful. Makes something not so pleasant a little better. Better for baby. Better for economy. Better for mommy and daddy's wallets in the long run. I say, yes!

One of these might help as well. There was the most adorable Calico kitten at PetsMart a few months ago. She was extremely shy and we wanted her. Matt wanted to name her Mudflap. Since then, we have wanted a Calico kitty to name Mudflap. Emily would hate it. Maxie probably would love having a new friend. Too bad we're only allowed two cats. And three is a little excessive... I suppose.

I am tired. But I want to stay up until Matt gets home. He works until 11:45. Stink. I don't have to work tomorrow though. My list of things to do? Go to the gym, clean the entire house (including vacuuming, sanitizing everything, washing the comforters and sheets and towels), grocery shopping, taxes, finish my homework for the week (which is the end of this current class), and go through my books and get rid of some (only to make room for my new books... and I still need to buy a new bookshelf since my aunt is gifting me her 50 volume Harvard Classics set!). I may come up with more things to do, but that should keep me busy. I will probably need to fit in a nap. I also want to read more of The Portrait of a Lady. It's interesting so I don't know why it's taking me so stinking long to read it.

Sigh. While I know that once children come my life will never be the same and it will be tiring and at times, very trying... I cannot wait. Absolutely cannot wait.

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