Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Day Off

Today was my day off. Nice having the day off to get things done... but that means I am scheduled to work Saturday.

I did get our taxes done, which was on my To Do list for today. I wasn't sure I had filled out the paperwork correctly for my job when I switched jobs in 2009. Well, I did. We're getting a refund. I was telling Matt that it's nice that we can drop $1200 for his dental work and not even have to move money around from our savings account. Yes, we have been financially blessed. We have three separate savings accounts that we try not to touch and we live off our checking account. Sure, we don't own a home and don't have children yet... but hopefully the latter will change sooner rather than later. With the military it wouldn't be wise for us to purchase a home now... but we could, which is a nice feeling.

Anyways, it's nice having money in the bank. Even when we feel like this...
We don't actually have serious financial difficulties. Yes, this could all change. But we try to be wise with our money.

Once our lovely tax return comes in we hope to finally replace our couch. It was a hand-me-down from my parents and is very old. It was originally a deep green leather. My friends came over and through it was blue. That's how faded it is! While it is rather comfortable, when we were having issues with Emily peeing on it we bought a cover so people didn't have to sit on it directly. Thankfully, she stopped that bad habit and we have good cleaner so it doesn't smell. But a new couch is certainly in order. We went shopping on Saturday to get some ideas. While I love the idea of a sectional and think this is absolutely divine...
Matt doesn't think it's practical. He doesn't think it will fit in our living room. Bull. But we probably don't need a sectional quite yet. We can get a normal couch and probably a new chair. The suede loveseat we have is still in excellent condition... but the couch and chair are both leather and the cats have discovered how nice that feels on their claws. Again, both items were hand-me-downs and probably close to a decade old (if not older) so it's time for replacements.

As I said, taxes were on my To Do list. This is similar...
Yup, that's right. Heard back today that I didn't get that last job I applied for. I am staying at Liberty University, but trying to find Career Advancement and putting my name out there. I browsed the HR webpage today and filled out some more paperwork. We'll see if anything comes. I really don't mind my job now, but the hours are killer. A different shift every day ranging from 7:45-4:45, 9-6, 10-7, 10-6, 12-9. Yup, lots of fluctuation and it varies every week. I talked to my managers about a steady schedule, but if I could have normal business hours that would be lovely. It is exhausting having such random hours, I can't commit to any Bible studies or volunteer work since I don't have a night a week that I can definitely attend regularly, I have missed my ladies night the past few weeks, homework is kinda stressful, I don't see Matt when he happens to have an evening off, and my gym attendance has been horrible since we began working 2 late shifts a week. Hopefully we'll hire more employees soon so we can go back to 1 late shift a week. Either way, it is strenuous.

My actual To Do list:
1. Gym- check
2. Clean the house- in progress, taking a break
3. Vacuum
4. Sanitize house
5. Wash sheets, comforters, shower curtain, towels- in progress
6. Groceries- check
7. Watch Weeks 7-8 Lectures- about to do
8. Taxes- check
9. Order Dterm textbooks (for my next class)- check

Not too bad. I haven't eaten dinner yet. I wanted to get through at least 2 lectures and then I'll take a break and eat dinner and watch something for a break. Then I'll sanitize the house, switch the laundry loads, vacuum, and hopefully watch at least 1 more lecture. I haven't checked to see how many lectures there are. Normally there are 2-3 per week. I'll finish them tomorrow after work. Come Friday this class will be done done done! Woot.

Happy Day off to me.

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