Wednesday, March 09, 2011


I am very anxious for October to come.
Several reasons.

Matt will be [hopefully] leaving for OCS in October.
No I am not excited for him to leave and be gone.
But that is the actual beginning of the military for us.
We continue to be excited for this new stage in our life and it seems like we're just twiddling our thumbs while we wait.

I will be finished with grad school one way or another by October.
Cause for celebration.
I am only able to take one class at a time if I want Liberty to pay for it.
That makes for slow progress.
I really wanted to earn my MDIV.
That would've taken me 4 years.
Not happening.

I will be [almost] done with work at that point.
We'll hopefully be planning baby number 1's arrival.
We will be moving in January regardless.
Matt wants me to stay home either way.
Possibly a part time job for my amusement if we're not close to baby's arrival.
Double cause for celebration.

Due to the above, I will be able to redecorate.
Since we will keep moving around for the next while (however long Matt remains in the military) we're not anxious to buy really nice things that may just get broken in transition.
However, we do have some rather nice pieces and plan to accessorize little by little.
I plan to refurnish some of our household items and make them like new.
Plus, there are items I've been meaning to paint (white, or yellow, or blue... happy colors) to make old nasty pieces (like the brown dresser that's been in Matt's family for years) pretty and useful.
This is exciting.
I'm not much of a decorator... but if I take it slowly and don't get ahead of myself our next home might just be perfect!

I have discovered the simplicity of accessorizing.
With decor and clothes.
I do not need to go out and by all news items... just rearrange them a bit and try out a few new looks.
Amazing what a scarf will do to an old tee I was about to give to goodwill.
Or what a trinket will do to a $30 bookshelf.
No, I am not crafty and I am not stylish.
But I am learning.
I am a bit slow on the bandwagon... but hopefully I can get better.

This is exciting.
I cannot wait for October!

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