Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Good Day

I received the above picture in an email yesterday with the message "Is this your bear?". Matthew gave me this bear for Valentine's Day 2005. I loved it so so much. I stayed with my Grandparents that summer to do some work for them and when I got home... he was nowhere to be found! We checked my house, we checked there house. No bear. My parents moved. We checked their house more thoroughly. No bear. My grandparents recently moved. No bear. My parents go to their new place in Grand Rapids, walk into the guest room, there the bear is! After 6 years! Amazing. I am so happy.

I also checked my grade for my class that just ended. A! I was worried because the weight is a 93% above is an A. I was pretty sure I would be above that... but not positive. A! Very happy. The 4.0 continues. I'll have to be more careful in future.

Today is also payday. Woot.
So we are going shooting this evening when I get off work. We use Glock handguns.

Then we are going to dinner here. Depot Grille. Good eats if you're ever in Lynchburg. They have this cheesy apple chicken that sounds gross... but is AMAZING.

Hopefully I will then be able to go find this movie on DVD. I have only been able to find it in a 3 part set... and we own the first two already. I love me some X-Men. Second favorite super hero movie franchise. And look, Archangel is on the poster. Fave. Plus, Ellen Page is in it. I didn't realize that before.

Today is a good day. Woot.

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