Monday, March 07, 2011

New Look

Wanted to personalize the blog a little. I'm on my lunch break. Yes, that means I'm working until 9 pm. Gag. Ah well.

I'm toying with various settings. Stay tuned for the final look. I like looking over various options and I save as I go so I don't have to go back and redo everything later. Makes it look slightly ugly in the meantime though.

I have a grande vanilla latte when I came into the office. That means I'm not going to drink more coffee now. But I'm fading fast. Stink. I need to learn to wait to drink my coffee for the day. Or, I should just break the habit. Yes, I don't drink coffee every day. Yes, I don't drink it at more than one sitting. But still. I had quit a few months ago... then I decided I didn't really care. Now I'm fading. My fault.

I feel frustrated. I'm definitely not at my best when I am frustrated. It shows in everything I do. And that stinks. I need an attitude adjustment. I've needed one every week for the past few weeks. Here comes another one.

I need to start writing down scriptures and carrying them with me. Sure, I can memorize them... but the physical reminder seems to work better than me just trying to recall it on my own. That way I can't cut off the verse prematurely. Like I do. Again, my fault.

God is good. I have a wonderful life. I have a loving, patient husband. What more could I want?

I think it's because we went to get Sweet Frog yesterday. I had been looking forward to it all weekend. And the line was so long I didn't want to stay. it put me in a bad attitude. I know, pathetic.


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