Friday, February 11, 2011

Sick Day

Today was a horrible sick day.

I slept for 14 hours straight from last night to this morning/afternoon. Still felt groggy.

Got up. Showered. Took some cough syrup. Ate some breakfast. Watched an episode of Boy Meets World with my husband before he left for work.

Took Nap. Lasted 4 hours. In the middle of this my husband came in to kiss me goodbye as he left for work.

Woke up. Made myself a pathetic dinner. More cough syrup. Watched Just Like Heaven. Phone call with best friend. Cough drop. Lots of water.

Present time: Finishing some homework that didn't get done yesterday since my head was "swimmy". I describe my head like that when I'm not feeling well. You understand though, right?

About to take more cough syrup and make a nice cup of vanilla tea. Finish watching my lectures and taking my notes. Print off the notes. Go to bed?

Yup, pathetic. Sometime tomorrow I'll probably truck it over to Liberty to take my test. Then I'm done for the week and can continue to heal in solitude. Why go to Liberty to take my test? Because even though my internet is working fine now when I'm watching all the online lectures... it won't be working when I take the test. Figures. Happens every time. Not taking any chances.

Having a cold is miserable. It better be good and gone by next week. I don't want to take any more sick time!

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