Thursday, February 10, 2011


The major downside to working in a call center... when your voice goes out and you're coughing a lot, but it's not so bad you normally wouldn't take a sick day... at a call center it's stupid NOT to take a sick day. So tomorrow, that is what I am planning. If i wake up and my voice is back and no coughing present, then I'm not going to waste a perfectly good sick day that could be used for a vacation day later. But... we'll see. It's gotten steadily worse all week.

Blah. I bought more cough drops and daytime and nighttime cough syrup tonight. I am making chicken noodle soup for dinner. I had chicken noodle soup for lunch too. I also drank two large tumblers of hot tea, one venti vanilla latte, and 2 water bottles today at work. I went through almost an entire bag of cough drops (which isn't healthy, I know). But still, cough cough cough. Blah.

Good news: I have a meeting at work either tomorrow (if I feel better) or Monday (if I feel better) that could lead to some real good possibilities and opportunities. Here's hoping and praying!

Other than that, I should go to bed right now and sleep until morning. But i have homework that needs doing. Triple Blah.

Sick and tired rant... over.


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