Wednesday, February 02, 2011

CH CH Changes

No changes yet. Hopefully soon. Possibly February could be a good month. I am applying for Career Advancement at my job so we're hoping and praying something comes of that! If not, that is fine. My job may be tiring... but all jobs are tiring. It's been deadline craziness as well so it's likely to be slightly more stressful than normal. Overall, January is gone and I could handle a few more months at my job if need be. Thankfully, I work with wonderful people so it makes up for the not so fun moments. Today was exceptional at work. There was only one call during the entire 12 hour day that I did not go over everything I was supposed to. There was a reason for that as well. I'm feeling pretty positive.

I also need to start using my camera more. I've gotten lazy. Period. I have a wonderful camera that I never use and I always complain that my house is so blah. If I took more pictures I would have more interesting things to put in my picture frames. The past few times I've used my camera I didn't really take the time to focus on my pictures. I just snapped a shot and called it good. What's the point of having a nice camera if you don't use it? My sister-in-law just got a similar model and it inspired me to make better use of my own. I'm sure once babies come I'll use it much more often to try to catch their little baby smiles and cute moments. For every 1000 pictures there's bound to be one good one... right?

Speaking of babies, I've known that I wanted a certain nursery theme for awhile now... I just saw pictures of the same theme in a different format than normal. It is fabulous. I want it... well, something similar. I can hardly wait!

I am beat. I was tired this morning due to not getting much sleep last night. I worked a 12 hour day since today was our department deadline. I have to wake up earlier than normal tomorrow (for a good reason though...). I should go to bed. But I need to unwind. I'm going to watch a few episodes of Boy Meets World and eating a snack. Then Bed!

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