Monday, January 31, 2011


The start of another week. Tomorrow it is February. Where is 2011 going? That is a good thing though. I'm very eager for the many changes we are anticipating this year bringing to our lives.

I went to my friend's baby shower yesterday. Of course, when I went home I was extremely mopey. Matt almost let me buy something baby! My choices were a bouncer or this adorable high chair! I decided it would probably be best to wait. I've had the same nursery theme in mind for several years... but just in case I change my mind! I see pictures of peoples' nurseries that are more modern... but I want mine to be entirely baby central! It doesn't have to look chic... just adorable. That is the goal. My theme filters over for boys and girls so it is perfect. We did almost buy the most adorable onesie, however! It was for a preemie... had elephants... adorable. Hopefully our babies will be that small. But again, it was for a girl and if we have a large baby and a boy it would do no good. Sigh. Soon and very soon, hopefully.

The other day for my devotions I was in Numbers. Yeah, the Pentateuch isn't always the most interesting, but there are still lessons to be learned. I need to stop posting at work because I like the ESV better than NKJV. Maybe I should just bring an ESV Bible to leave at work. Anyways, this verse stuck out to me:

And Moses said, "Now why do you transgress the command of the Lord? For this will not succeed."
Numbers 14:41


And you shall have the tassel, that you may look upon it and remember all the commandments of the Lord and do them, and that you may not follow the harlotry to which your own heart and your own eyes are inclined, and that you may remember and do all My commandments, and be holy for your God.
Numbers 15: 39-40

The plans of the Lord are set and established. So often we try to go our own way or we intentionally sin, but to what avail? It will not succeed. Sometimes I even amaze myself when I know better than to follow the evil desires of my heart. That brings up the second verse. Not only are we tempted to sin, but we are inclined towards that sin. Knowing this we can try to avoid temptation and sin. Food for thought.

My lunch is ending again. Wednesday I'm working 9-9 to earn some "Adjusted Schedule Time". Basically I can use the extra hours to leave early etc later. I already have 4 hours. I will then have 7. I'll earn one more someday and Matthew and I will have a date day. We never see each other anymore.

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