Friday, January 28, 2011

Mediterranean Cruise

My freshman year of college I went here ^. This is the Mediterranean Sea. My trip was a tour of Israel. It was a wonderful trip. Beautiful land.

I would like to go back to the Mediterranean for a lovely vacation someday. I'm thinking 3 year anniversary. My husband is thinking too expensive. I figure it could also be thought of as "pre-military-moon" and "baby-moon" (whether there is a baby on board or not) to warrant the expense. I think it's worth it.

This time I would like it to be a visit to the Mediterranean in this ^ fashion. A lovely Cruise. I've never gone on a cruise. My senior year of college (my third year, I skipped my sophomore year) a trip was scheduled and I wanted to go. But there wasn't enough interest. Bummer. I've wanted to go on one ever since. The Mediterranean is probably the most beautiful place I've ever been.

Like this ^ gentleman, I would like to go to "Rome"! I tried to get a still shot of the girly jumps in the scene as well... but alas, none can be found.

I've always wanted to see this ^. I had the opportunity to travel all through Europe when I was in high school and stupidly I decided to stay home. Really? My parents should have MADE me go. I've been to England twice and Scotland. I want to visit Italy, Greece, Prague, and possibly Paris. The rest of Europe would just be extra.

I would also like to see this ^. Italy and Greece not only is beautiful and classic and historic... so much Biblical history occurred in those places! It really is "neat" being able to see those places hands on.

If we went on a cruise similar to this ^, that would be incredible! I would also love to visit some of the smaller Islands of Italy and Greece so I would try to do more research into that. The cruise is not that bad... it's the tickets from USA to Italy that would kill our bank account. I think we can afford it and it would be well worth it. My husband doesn't quite agree yet. I'm working on it.

In other news:
My graduate class isn't very difficult. Watch, I fail my test I'm going to take tonight. It all seems to be common sense. At least I'm enjoying the book I have to read. It's basic as well.

I'm babysitting my friend's baby on Saturday. After work. Work=bummer. Babysitting= joy! Sunday I have a baby shower for another friend who is due in one week! Double joy!

I have not lost anymore weight... but I haven't gained any back either. Slump. Maybe I should start running instead of just doing the elliptical. Gah. I really despise running. It would be amazing to be able to run a marathon... but the thought of actually doing it makes my feet hurt. I'm not a runner and probably never will be. But those last couple pounds aren't budging with just the elliptical!

I cannot believe January is already gone. On the one hand, so much the better because I'm that much closer to being able to quit my job when we move for the Marines. I may not be going back to work after the move so that is a lovely thought, indeed. On the other hand, that is one more month "wasted". Yes, I am thinking of it like that. Stink. Overall, I have a very positive attitude and am surprised about this. But we'll see how I feel come April. That could be significantly different!

I need to make eye, dental, and doctors appointments for Matthew and I. It's so difficult since we'd like to be able to go together but we work differing schedules and most offices are closed by the time I get off work anyways. Sigh. Hopefully we can find some time soon to get that all done with and get all healthy!

I am in Numbers. That means I am through Leviticus. Praise the Lord! Sometimes I wonder if God was being ironic in the things He chose to include in the Scriptures. I'm sure the text meant something else in historic context. It seems awfully amusing nowadays though. I would have been "unclean' at all times from one thing or another! Lots of sheep and cows being sacrificed for me!

I want to learn some languages. Become multi-lingual. After grad school, of course. When I have more "free time". I want to re-learn Spanish first. I did well in Spanish before so it would be more of a refresher. Then I want to learn French and Italian. Because those are romantic languages. So is Spanish... theme? Then possibly work on Japanese. Since we'll most likely end up there at some point if Matt gets Ground Intel, figure it would be good to know. More difficult, however. Thankfully there is the Rosetta Stone!

Lunch is almost over. Happy Weekend!

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