Friday, January 07, 2011


Yesterday I complained a lot. I'm sorry. But it's kinda funny, right? Well, you know how it often happens that when you are in a bad mood or get one piece of bad news it seems like there's a snowball effect? Definitely true today. No, nothing horrible or life shattering. But enough to put me in a foul mood. I think I helped my students well though. Accomplishment for miss Grouchy pants.

No pictures again. Nothing interesting ever happens. It's snowing? Want a picture of the snow in Lynchburg? I was careless and slid around a little this morning when I first left the house, but at least I know what to do when I slide! Definitely NOT slam on the breaks.

Yes, I am back to emphasizing with capitols. I hate that. But it does the trick.

Moving on to The Scarlet Pimpernel. Read it in High School for fun. Grew up watching the movie because my sister loved it. Have a thing for signet rings and really hope someday we can design a family crest to have made into a signet ring. Pretended to have a snuff box at six... strange, I know. But anyways, I have bought a new copy (months ago) and am now on to the task of re-reading it. I wonder what I will learn. I'm sure there are many instances of things I thought I understood at 15... but had absolutely no clue. Plus, it's French. Seriously.

I was done with work at 4:45 today. Marvelous. I thought I would go straight to bed for a nap, but I'm pushing through. Gonna make dinner with some LOST. Sit back and read read read. Then what what? Working tomorrow. Woot. (sense the sarcasm) Yes, I may complain about the job front... but it's honestly not so bad. I just need to get over it. Attitude adjustment and all.

This is life. Enjoy!

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