Tuesday, January 11, 2011


No this is not going to be a sermon. I'm not good at those. I generally become unintelligible when trying to practice apologetics. Yes, on my list of improvements to make so I can properly defend the faith.

But I was ornery in previous posts. Once more, apologies. I don't want to be ornery in life. Might come as a surprise to those closest to me (i.e. Matt and my mom). But I don't want to complain... sometimes it just happens. I'm feeling much better now.

I finished Genesis last night and saw this verse:

I have waited for Your salvation, O Lord!
Genesis 49:18

It may have been slightly different wording because my devos Bible is ESV and my work Bible is NKJV (p.s. it is the Inspirational Study Bible by Max Lucado... it is excellent... I highly recommend this edition) so the translation might be different. But the essentials are obviously the same. Jacob is speaking of his sons at this time. But this verse stood alone to me. I have been in such a down mood recently for no reason in particular. Some small issues have arisen and work has been extremely busy etc... but no reason for me to get all depresso-mode. I read this verse and realized...

God is Here!

He is my strength and my salvation. He allows me to move and breath and exist. He has an infinite plan for my life. I am blessed.

Being in God's Hands is the absolute best place to be. As long as I'm not running away from Him and His guidance in my life then I will make it. Where "it" is... I'm not exactly sure. But I am excited to reach "it".

With that in mind, I did some reflection and praying for a better attitude last night. You know what? Today hasn't been so bad. I even had an "encounter" with a student but I tried to be patient and see things from his perspective and when we ended the conversation we were on good terms and he even said I was good at my job. Confirmation.

God is good. He is great and mighty. Life is a blessing. I have hope.

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