Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Long Work Day

Disclaimer: I write this disclaimer after I finished the below paragraph. It is a rant. It is possibly very rude and very pointed. I know i am being judgmental and I honestly do try to help students (especially the rude ones) as much as I can. Unfortunately, this means giving them my direct line and personal email... and then I can't seem to be rid of them!But sometimes you just have to... vent. That is the below paragraph about the college students I deal with every working day.

Today was the registration deadline at work. Here's a note to all of you out there who like to yell at us in here... imagine working 9 hours a days and taking phone calls day in and day out. We are required to get at least 6.5 hours a day on the actual telephone. This includes lunch break, restroom break, time to ask questions to our managers, time to get other depts issues resolved and time for sanity. You would think that wouldn't be a lot of time... but if people aren't calling in we call them. So that's a requirement. Then you get the majority of students who call in and have an issue that actually isn't the school's fault. They sent in the wrong documents. They didn't send in the entire document. They didn't sign one or more document when the last item is "signature". They didn't check their own account. With over 50,000 students can we be expected to call all of our students when there is an issue on their account? Yes, we try... but it's not going to happen. Especially if that student told us to "stop calling them already! please remove me from your calling list!" News flash, if you ask to be taken off the list... you're taken off the list. We won't call you even if an issue comes up. You are claiming responsibility for your own account. What's that? But you're a college student who's new at this? I was 17, just out of high school, moved 800 miles away from my parents... and seemed to maneuver through college just fine. I think you adults out there can handle it. But no. It's always our (not the school, the specific representative you are talking to at that given time even though you've never talked to that representative before) fault. Always. Always always always. Well, maybe you could possibly keep in mind that we have 6.5 hours (normally more) of talk time every day. The majority of our students are not thrilled to talk to us. Why would they call in if everything was dandy? So maybe we're a little upset about a student who was rude and personalized their criticisms. Maybe we're a little distraught because we have lives too and we have ups and downs. Maybe we're tired because we were asked to stay late because so many students are calling in with issues. But no. Your issue is entirely our fault. You know it! It's definitely not your fault so it HAS to be our fault. AND if you don't get you way you will just continue to tell us it's our fault for 60 or more minutes. When, it could all be solved if you shut your mouth for one second, let us look over your account to get the entire information (not just the bits you happen to know on your end, which generally isn't even a quarter of the facts), and let us then send you the paperwork you need to fill out to get things straight. Because it's usually that simple. Yes, I admit that most of us don't want to deal with you if you begin the conversation saying that "You" did this and then continue to say that the person you are talking to has ruined your life. If you say that we aren't "acting in a Christian way" that doesn't help. If you cut us off while we're trying to explain the situation and how we can fix it, that doesn't help. It makes us shut down. We just answer your questions and do not dig deeper. Why? Because you don't give us the time to. And then you get angry and let the whole world (which, in reality, your world usually is a whole lot smaller than we even care about) know how displeased you are with "us". ... Yes. This is frustrating when it is happening. But you know what? We all work together and we've probably all talked to you before. We see your grades and see when you haven't submitted your paperwork in and we see everything you've said to previous representatives. We can also hear the recording now. And you know what? It makes for a good laugh! So actually, I thank you all for being rude and selfish. It makes me laugh and glad that I am who I am. I manage to somehow get things turned in on time, to figure out the horrible webpage on my own, and to somehow graduate my Undergrad with honors a year early and maintain a 4.0 in grad school. Somehow. It must be a miracle or something! Because none of the other students can seem to figure it out themselves. Mystery.

Rant. I only meant to say (when I first began this post) that I was scheduled 9-6... worked 9-9. Thank you deadlines. Thankfully, I feel like I accomplished a lot today. I alsoworked 3 hours extra but earned 4 hours comp time to use another day. Because I have a great boss.

I just realized what my breath smells like often and why I don't like it. It smells like my dad's. Why? Because I drink coffee. I am just now (literally as I sat here in this chair) realizing this. I knew it smelled familiar but couldn't place it. I need to get some better breath mints!

I meant to go to the gym today after work. Yes, by myself! Without Matthew! I'm making progress! Well, that didn't happen, obviously. The gym was closed by the time I got home from work. And I wouldn't feel like working out after 9 pm anyways. Sigh. How ever will I get skinny? P.S. I keep dropping the weight! Woot! I feel confident in now saying that this past year I reached the heaviest I've ever been. Wanna know? 122 pounds. I know, I was a heffer! Yes, it really bothered me that much! Looking back, I know it wasn't that heavy at all. I actually think it's normal. But now that I've shed that extra weight and am back to "normal" (meaning highschool and college weight) I feel so much better! A few more pounds and I will be where I want to be. And then... baby time? Well, I want baby time to be right now. But that apparently just isn't happening. So maybe I'll have enough time while we wait to lose all the weight... I'll gain it all back and probably some more... and then get to losing it again. Such a vicious cycle we women lead.

Yes, I desperately want it to be baby time. I face each month with disappointment. I will not post about this again anytime soon (if I can control myself), but it sure seems like EVERYONE I know who would like a baby now (most of them older than I) is pregnant. And then there are a few who don't particularly want a baby now but are happy to have one. I found out about 3 more today. Just today! 3! And here I am wishing and waiting and hoping. My mom says I'm thinking about it too much. I've gotten a lot better. At least I haven't made physical charts yet... the charts are all in my head! Kidding... slightly.

Boo. I don't feel tired. At all. But I should go to bed. I should make dinner... but I'm only slightly hungry. And less food means skinny. No, I don't have a problem. But why eat just to eat? I ask you?

Maybe a couple episodes of LOST? Josh Holloway. Enough said. The only hick I can handle. Ever. Haha, I was just thinking not even Tom Sawyer would do anything for me... Tom Sawyer? Josh Holloway? Coincidence? Maybe Matt likes the name Soren for a boy. Maybe I like it too. Maybe I want to call him Sawyer for short. Maybe Matt hates it... because of LOST. We'll see.

Boring. The end.

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