Sunday, January 02, 2011

Day Two...

Isn't it amazing how many people make their resolutions and are good for about the first week... and then passion begins to die down. Sigh. I fear this for myself. Which is why I try not to make too superficial of resolutions.

Day Two into Twenty Eleven and still going strong. Bills are paid which means everything else we have in our checking account is somewhat "mad money". House is clean, although I do need to do the laundry today. But I don't find laundry daunting. I sort into piles. Put in wash. Wait. Put in dryer and replenish the wash with another load to digest. Wait. Fold and put second load in dryer. Wait. Not too difficult. I generally do laundry while I'm making dinner/ watching LOST/ doing homework. Not something you necessarily have to set aside large amounts of time for.

More semi-good news. Good news for me. I say "semi" because it is very superficial. My everyday pair of jeans is starting to be a little too loose. As in, I was wearing them earlier and noticed that the waist was at my hips and this made the rear look extremely droopy. Not good. Maybe time to put away those jeans until I gain some more weight someday? So I pulled out my other jeans to see what would be suitable for today. There are a light pair that used to be my favorite spring time jeans. I say spring time because they are a light wash so seem best for spring time. Anyways, I used to love these jeans because they fit just right, were tight enough to accentuate my assets, but not so tight as to be skanky. They were a little long but had just enough cuff to have the cutest roll over. I loved them. I haven't worn them probably for two years. Why? They became a little too snug. Still fit, but not as comfy or attractive. Well, today is the day! I have changed out of droopy drawers and am now proudly wearing my spring time jeans! It's a good feeling. I've started becoming slightly more fashion conscious. Not that I want to be trendy. I dislike trends. But I don't want to be boring either. I still wear the same clothes... but with belts or bracelets or necklaces. Amazing was a piece of jewelry can do to an otherwise boring outfit. Thanks to my old friend, Kayley, at Sidewalk Ready for inspiration. I don't necessarily try to dress like Kayley, but she did make me want to think through my outfits a little more.

Now that Sunday morning is done, it's time to tackle Sunday afternoon and evening. Hopefully my husband will want to watch a movie with me! We've been resorting to a couple episodes of Friends each night instead of a movie because he claims to be too tired for a full movie. We'll see.

Happy Sunday.

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