Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Vaca So Soon

I'm halfway through my day at work. I am off at 4:45. Going to the gym with my hubband afterwards. That probably means we'll pick up some Quiznos for dinner. Delish. Then home to finish our home improvement projects. And by "our" I mean "my". I'm proving to be quite handy. Sure, I can't hang anything straight or centered... but it adds a little something to be crooked! Not really, but good thing I don't care too much.

I just remembered I need to go get my ring inspected in December! I better get a move on. I'd go after work but I need my paperwork for them to pull up my file. I think that's Kay Jeweler's way of being lazy. All my info is in their computer so I'm sure they can pull it up some other way. Oh well.

The in-laws are all beginning the traveling process! Yay. Cannot wait for them to get here. Together!

Sometime between tonight and tomorrow I need to vacuum the house, clean the bathrooms, and make sure everything looks orderly. I can definitely do it... but it seems like a lot right now. Maybe I'll recruit Matthew for the vacuuming. He likes doing that one chore!

Almost time to get back to work. I'm working chat today so I get a break from the phones. It has been busy on chat though. Pretty steady. When I get back there will be three of us in chat. Hopefully that means we can begin to clear the email inboxes too. We have a lot of emails to clear!

Good day!

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