Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Eve!

Matthew's family is in town for Christmas. It is wonderful having the entire family together again. The last time all 7 of us were together was Christmas 2008, so it's been quite awhile. Mom and Dad came in from CA. Mark drove down from MI. Josh and Jamie drove up from GA. It is a wonderful time of family and fellowship. I am truly blessed with amazing in-laws. Wouldn't trade 'em!

Wednesday we showed the Rents and Mark our place and had dinner at a Japanese buffet. Delish. Not my favorite, but definitely alright for a once in a while kind of thing. I'm not a huge chocolate fan, but I do like their chocolate fountain!

Thursday I went to J. Crew with my MIL and Jamie. Good shopping. I bought a white winter hat to go with my salmon coat, a long white cardi to go over dresses or skirts, a peach cardi that reminds me of Easter, a cream cardi that ruffles at the opening- just from the way the fabric is made, and a white tank with ruffles and a flower design at the bottom- to layer under things. All in all, not a bad shopping trip. We grabbed some lunch at a little cafe in Wyndhurst and MIL and I met the men to go shooting. We went to a range in Bedford, which is so much closer than Roanoke! We all shot some rounds off and my MIL is a pretty good aim! It was a good time. I didn't too shabby if I do say so myself. I think I get better each time I go, which is kinda the point.

We all met together for Dinner at Neighbor's Place. Great food. It's just nice being with family for the holidays. It doesn't quite feel like Christmas... but I think that's because I'm older now and Christmas was always associated with presents or "toys". It's not about the presents any longer.

Today we bummed around a bit. I cleaned up the little messes around the house and then everyone came over for dinner. Well, Josh was with his family, but Jamie came over. We had ribs from Herman's Boy (in Michigan) and cheesy potatoes and apple crisp for dessert. A little goofiness arose with the bones from dinner. I'm sure pictures will be posted. I haven't been taking many pictures. I'm planning to snag copies of my MIL and Jamie's once they are posted on facebook. Good times always with the Iveson clan! Again, so blessed to be part of this family! We also watched Elf in the afternoon. A pretty well rounded Christmas Eve. We had planned to take the family to the Candlelight service at church, but forgot until it was 6:10. It started at 6 pm. Oh well.

Now Mark and Matt are downstairs watching Black Hawk Down. I planned to come up to bed and read Ender in Exile. I checked my grades from my class. I got 100 on my research paper. Wonder if my prof even bothered to read it. I know I didn't deserve a 100. I still would've gotten an A on the paper either way, but there had to be some grammatical errors that would be worth 2-5 points off. At least. Unless I really am that good. Doubtful. Either way, I ended with a high A (99%) so still have that 4.0. Halfway through the program. Wish I could take more classes to just get it over with. Sigh. It will be done soon enough. I am blessed that it is free.

Oh, I also was able to clear out our old papers and bills. Everything from 2009 is going bye bye. I'll get a paper shredder sometime and shred all the documents before trashing them. But it feels nice to have the files a little cleaner. I also sorted the pile of "whatever" that had accumulated on my little bookshelf. When I had paperwork I didn't know what to do with or didn't want to deal with I just shoved it in this pink bucket I have. I emptied it and now it looks so much neater. Yay for vacation time to relax and organize my life!

Merry Christmas.

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