Monday, December 20, 2010

The Making of a Home

Maybe tomorrow night I will take some pictures of the improvements to our home and post them. Maybe. I work until 4:45 so I have the evening to fidget.

I took a trip out yesterday by myself! Leaving the hubband at home! Amazing, I know. I rarely go places by myself. I was able to buy everything we needed for our fix-its around the house and buy a Christmas present for him! I bought the drill bits we needed, pillows for the guest room, shelves for the living room, and a few other things I can't remember now. But all in all, it was a good shopping trip. I didn't even mind the bad parking and long lines!

I had built our bookshelf in the office all by myself this weekend. It's a little bowed on one side... but the books make it look so pretty anyways! It's a cheap bookshelf so I don't care if it isn't perfect. I then hung a bunch more frames and plan to get prints tomorrow to put in them. Lovely.

Yesterday (while watching Season 2 of LOST) I hung shelves on the living room wall. I placed the Michigan pillow on one shelf and the bird's cage candle holder I love on the other. I have a thing for bird cages. I think they are so beautiful!

I then went to work and figured out how to hang our curtains. They are heavy and a pain in my rear! But... the living room curtains are up and beautiful. I made a mistakes... but I don't think anyone will notice. They were a little long so I hemmed them.

Tomorrow after work I plan to hang the curtains in the our bedroom and guest room. Since I now know a little more about the process it should go quickly and smoothly- mistake-less. Curtains really make the house look more put together.

Wednesday Matt's family is rolling into town. Good news. Unfortunately, he has to work that evening. Stink. Ah well. Give and take.

I am writing this on my lunch break. Which is almost over. Which also means I am working until 9 pm. Boo. Oh well. I only work 2 days this week and 2 days next week. I suppose I can't complain. Then enter 2011.


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