Saturday, December 18, 2010


And after writing that title I immediately thought of old high school rivalries. It's strange. If I went back to my high school now I probably wouldn't even recognize it! When I see pictures on kids' facebook pages I don't even know which classrooms they're in! So strange. Maybe someday I'll venture back there. Maybe. Probably not. My class probably won't even have any reunions, so oh well.

I am FINALLY finished with that stinking research paper. I finished it around 10:57 pm and was so relieved that I didn't even proof read it. I know for a fact that there were instances of "is" instead of "if" and the like. That should be the only real error though. The citations were correct (I know my APA style!), the content was good enough, the thought progression flowed, all in all I'm not disappointed. I'm getting a 98.999 right now in the class so I'm not too worried about it bringing my grade down. As long as I come out with a total of 90 in the overall class I'm satisfied. Maybe that isn't the best attitude to have, but I was just so stressed about getting it all done! Plus, our internet likes to go in and out so I was worried about the actual assignment being uploaded correctly. I didn't have time to drive to Liberty to turn it in! Thankfully, it went through fine!

I woke up this morning all panicked... and then remembered that I had nothing to do! Such a great feeling. One whole month of nothing but catching up on LOST (I like watching it over and over) and reading pleasure books (I want to finish The Portrait of a Lady, re-read Ender in Exile, re-read the Scarlet Pimpernel, and possibly read the Canterbury Tales). It will be glorious.

This morning I have run around the house hanging pictures. I kind of estimate where I think the nail should be, hammer it in, and call it good. So what if the picture isn't centered? Someday when we have a house I'll take more time to measure and level. I think it's all looking alright though. We have some artwork from our previous apartment that I just don't know what to do with. I still like it... but it doesn't really match. And then there's the large frame that has all the random cut outs that I had wedding pictures in... maybe I'll put that in the hall? I really don't like it, but it seems a shame to waste it. I hung most of the frames already but have a few more to put up. It's really making our house look prettier. I don't know why I didn't do it sooner. It takes all of 5 minutes!

On the to-do list today is to buy curtain rods, a drill, hang curtain rods, buy some of those black wall shelves, hang wall shelves, buy 1 or 2 book shelves for the office to finally organize my books, organize things to take to goodwill, and print off our Christmas newsletter to stuff into envelopes. I think I finally have everyone's updated addresses. I need to address the last couple cards, include the newsletters, and then my Christmas cards are ready to be mailed. I chose a very simple design this year. But I like it.

"I've been given the gift of time!" But until Ross, it's not on my commute. Just in life in general. What a wonderful feeling. Sigh, I can't believe I'm only halfway through my MA. I wish I could just take all the remaining classes this next semester and be done with it. Of course, Liberty won't allow that. Stink. Maybe I'll double up on in the summer and just pay for the rest. Seems kind of wasteful when I could take it slower and have it completely paid for. Ah well. Give and take.

There is seriously no feeling like not having any gradwork to do for a whole month. It makes me giddy. I haven't even had any coffee this morning!

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