Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Homework Slump

If I could remember to bring my camera in from my car I could update about our vacation complete with pictures. Will happen tomorrow. Probably not a good idea for my camera to be out in the cold. Maybe I'll run out to get it quick before bed.

I needed to read 800 pages today on my day off. Since I work Saturday until 9 pm who knows how much homework I'll get done that evening? Well, I got through 360ish pages. I figured that was fine. I work until 6 pm every other night this week so should have time to get some more reading in. The paper shouldn't take too long to write. Only five pages. Thankfully I read and wrote the paper on the other book prior to vacation. Thankfully I am a fast reader.

Don't worry, it didn't take me all day to read the 360ish pages. I also ate two delicious meals with my husband. Pet my kittens for a good long while. Spent ages trying to get a good picture of the kittens for my wallpaper... since I have a Blackberry Storm now I had to get it to fit just right on the screen. I also drug out all our Christmas decorations and started decorating. The tree is up and set. I want to go buy some new stocking. I don't like the penguin/candy ones we have currently. I have a Vera Bradley stocking... but kind of want matching ones. Also, I want cutesy ones for the cats. Emily had one but the cat on it is white and tan. Not Emily or Maxie. Silly, I know. I also took a very long, much needed nap. I still feel exhausted. I didn't sleep long or well while on vacation. This is me catching up.

I cannot wait for this class to be done next week. I haven't even begun my research paper which is due next Friday. Thankfully (again) research papers are a breeze for me. It shouldn't take too long to formulate. Plus, I have to do it so that means crunch time. After that I have one full month of no classes! I'll have time to go shopping to get the housewares I want before my in-laws arrive. I will be able to hopefully paint and re print my new frames. There are some hitches I have encountered in regards to the reprinting... but I'm sure I'll figure it out. I'll be able to read some pleasure books. Sigh. Break will be wonderful!

The cats have already adjusted to us being back home. It is wonderful. Many thanks to the Puigs for checking in on them while we were gone! Lifesavers! Neither cat was a forlorn as the time we left Emily alone for a week. At first they were a little more skiddish, but now they have settled back into the normal routine. Such good cats. Also, Emily didn't pee on anything while we were gone! Hallelujah! Maybe the foil really does work! I'll have to test that out some more. So far she hasn't peed on anything since we've been home. Maybe she's cured! Hallelujah! I didn't want to have to seriously think about getting rid of her.

Time to go get the camera and get to bed. Work tomorrow then trying to read as much as I can before bed.

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