Saturday, December 04, 2010

Holiday Ho-hums

Today was a wonderful day. Yet I sit here feeling incredibly sad.

This week has been busy busy busy. Trying to spend time with family and a few friends. I feel kind of bad that I didn't tell more people I was coming home, but I don't think anything else could have been fit in. A more detailed post including pictures (promise) is to follow when we are home.

I feel sad now though because my grandparents are aging. It is very difficult to watch and feel. My grandparents are two of the rocks of my life. It will be a very hard loss for everyone in our family when they pass. They may still have several years left with us. They may not have much time at all. Either way, it is very hard to be home and to see the changes. In some ways it is so much easier to stay away.

I have a wonderful family. I am so blessed.

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