Monday, November 29, 2010

Nothing Like Home

While I have begun thinking of Matt and my house as "home"... there is nothing like coming back home to Michigan. Since we both grew up here I think it will always be "home" for us. Especially with our future being scattered with many moves (most likely).

We did the trip in abut 12.5 hours. Not bad seeing as how we were stuck in a 45 minute traffic jam when a semi exploded. Not an exaggeration. By the time we passed the actual semi it was all black. The flames were out though. Nasty business. So it was a long trip, but if that hadn't occurred I would've been very pleased with our time. We made it home in time to meet my parents for dinner at Golden Wok. I wanted to document this trip home as much as possible... and I forgot to take a picture at our favorite restaurant! Shame on me.

The trip itself wasn't so bad. I got to sleep a lot in the car. Definitely a blessing since I didn't sleep well last night at all. Thankfully though, I left my home nice and neat. My friend will be checking up on the kittens and cleaning their litter. Hopefully Emily won't pee on anything in our absence. I put foil on the couch, which supposedly deters the peeing? Oh well, if she just pees on the couch I can handle that. We're planning on getting rid of the couch when we get home anyways. If she pees on anything else... problem. We did close all the doors to rooms they do not need. Poor kittens.

Around hour 10 is where Matt and I start getting kind of goofy. Cabin fever or something. It's always good fun. Too bad no one else is there to see just how goofy we get! But by the end of the trip we're usually so ready to be out of the car we're kind of grouchy. But seeing my parents and having delicious food makes the grouchy go away... mostly.

It is so good to be home. Kind of weird since my parents do not live in the house I grew up in. But their new condo is SO NICE. Hard to complain with so much comfort. That's the nice thing about moving. You start completely over and can completely redecorate or paint whatever colors you want. It's lovely.

Tomorrow I am [hopefully] meeting my very best friend for breakfast .She works the night shift but we couldn't wait until Thursday to see each other. Not happening! So I am waking up early when she is getting out of work. I have missed her. It wasn't until about 2 months ago that I realized just how much I missed her. It's been 1.5 years since I've last seen her in person. Ridiculous. She is an amazing woman and I am so so blessed by her friendship. After breakfast my mom and I are hitting the stores! All the stores. Grand Rapids get ready! I need to find Christmas presents for my family as we are celebrating this week with them. Plus I want to take advantage of the stores Lynchburg doesn't have (which is a lot). We will stop by my sister's so I can meet Brooke. Hopefully she won't hate me! Then we'll meet up with Matthew for some shopping for him! Oh yeah, tomorrow is his 25TH BIRTHDAY! Happy birthday to my husband! We don't have big plans. He doesn't have anything big he wants to do tomorrow. We'll try to find him a nice watch he needs and then maybe some new polo shirts for work. Possibly go to Mongolian BBQ for dinner. We'll see!

I just love being in Michigan! Such a great feeling to be home!

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