Sunday, November 28, 2010

"busy" weekend

We are leaving tomorrow to go home for one full week. Excellent. It really is a shame that the drive to Michigan is 12 hours. That knocks out two full days. Sigh.

This weekend I wanted to write my paper, read 300 pages of textbook 2 yesterday, read 300 pages of textbook 2 today, pack for the trip, deposit Matt's paychecks into the bank, and go to church.

Well, I wrote the paper first thing Saturday. Then I proceeded to watch several episodes of LOST while I painted my fingernails and toenails a lovely shade of wine for the holiday season. I tried to deposit the money but the ATM now doesn't use envelopes. I don't trust just sticking my money in the machine. I'll wait until the bank opens and go in person. I read about 100 pages of The Portrait of a Lady... but didn't open textbook 2 at all. I did do all the laundry and pack our suitcase. I cleaned the house (although Emily peed on the couch again) and am about to clean all the dishes before going to bed. We did go to church this morning. So some give and take... but I'm pleased with the outcome of the weekend. I also was able to reorganize all my photo albums on facebook. Not something important at all, but something that had been bothering me every sine we were able to add up to 200 photos per album. I have compiled all my photos from college to one album and then updated my wedding and honeymoon albums. I finally put the pictures from my camera on my computer and added those to an album as well. It looks much nicer and neater, in my opinion. Not that anyone goes through my past albums, but it's nice to know that if my computer dies and I haven't backed up my pictures I have them online.

I will miss my kittens while I am gone. Last time we went to Michigan we took Emily with us. It would too much to try to take both cats on the 12 hour drive. So we're leaving them here. I have a friend coming to make sure they don't run out of food and to change their litter. Hopefully Emily won't pee on anything else.

I am very excited to go home! My best friend lives there, Matt's best friend lives there, my entire family lives there, his extended family and brother live there. It will be a great week. My extended family Christmas is this coming Saturday also so we'll get to see all my cousins etc.


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