Friday, November 26, 2010

Of the Future

I wonder if this will be life once Matt enters the marines and hopefully baby number one has entered our lives. I will then be a stay at home mother and if Matt is gone to training etc. then I will be home. Now, I know the life of a stay at home mom is definitely not slow or boring... but for those first few months? Especially if the husband isn't home so I don't have to cook anything special? Just clean up after me and baby, go to the grocery store, and read? I'll probably be able to blog often. I'll try to keep it to once a day or less though. Promise. Although, at that point I should have worthy pictures/video to include that will make it worthwhile.

Today was another lazy day. I despise Black Friday. It scares me. I like deals, but not that much. I don't get too bothered by price really. Matt and I have been spoiled with luxury in our first two years. We do need a new dresser and a new couch... and those things are pricey... but everything else we just buy when we want. We can buy those two things also, I just haven't found what I'm looking for. Anyways. I don't like Black Friday. So I stayed in all day.

I read some of The Portrait of Lady. I can't believe I'm still reading that! In my defense, I've read at least 10 books while also reading The Portrait of a Lady... so it's not like I've just been not reading at all. I've just found other things I've wanted to read that aren't quite so long so don't take up quite so much space in my purse. But I read another bit this morning. Then read some more of my textbook. 50 pages to go! I'm going to finish that tonight and write the report tomorrow.

Besides that, I watched P.S. I Love You and some of Lost Season 1. I pet my cats. Put the cushions back on the couch. Tried to figure out what exactly it smelled like at that point (options: cat pee, citrus spray, febreeze, or Nature's Miracle) and couldn't. I can't determine if it smells bad or just strange. And ate leftovers. Boring.

Yes, that is my boring day. I looked around online at pictures and youtube videos also. Score. See, this is exactly why I need a child!

Going to read the last few pages. Possibly read some more of The Portrait of a Lady. Waiting for Matt to get home. Same story. Same tune.

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