Friday, December 10, 2010

Almost weekend...

It is almost the weekend. Kinda. I have to work tomorrow from 1-9... not fun. I will also be the only one in my department on the phones from 6-9. Let's home it isn't busy. I don't know why it was scheduled like that. Poor planning, in my opinion.

We just switched programs for student records. I think I'm liking the new program. I didn't immediately since I was used to the old one, but the new one is proving itself to be more efficient. Unfortunately, some things about the program is not so good. But we're working out the kinks.

I finally loaded the Michigan pictures on my home computer last night. I'm still finishing my book review so once that is done then I'll post about vacation complete with pictures. I did order our Christmas card last night, however. I love Christmas cards!

Today was judging for the Christmas decorating contest. My office is Who-ville from the Grinch. Pictures to come. It is magical, not gonna lie. I want to see how long they let us keep the decor before making us take it down. It makes work more whimsical... although, I don't know how Liberty feels about the whimsy. other offices were A Charlie Brown Christmas, Christmas Around the World, Home Alone, and A Christmas Story. I don't know what the other departments at the university were... but as you can tell, our division's theme was Christmas movies. It is fun. We also got to wear pjs for the judging. I have to change shortly in work appropriate attire. Boo.

I bought a Blackberry Storm 2 while home. It was time to upgrade the phone. It is nice. I'm still getting used to it and my friends have received some nonsense texts... but I'm getting better at it. Good move.

I'm missing a Christmas party tonight because I have to finish my homework. I wish I didn't have to work tomorrow night. Oh well. Then I have to finish a research paper by next Friday. Haven't even chosen a topic. But then, oh glorious after, one month of break! Amazing. Complete with all the Ivesons coming to visit for Christmas.

Amen and Amen.

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