Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Week Eight

My grad classes are each eight week long. I prefer this to a full semester. When I was in undergrad I once did three one week intensives in a row during the summer time. I also prefer that schedule. Sure, it's a lot of work to get done in one week and you are in class from 8-4... but it's generally more laid back, your professor understands you need walking around breaks, and I've found that I still learned in that format. I know that faster definitely isn't everyone's pace... but it works for me!

This is week eight of one of my classes. I have finished all my discussion boards posts this evening. Some people hate discussion boards. I don't understand why. They are easy points. You read the assigned text or article and post your thoughts about it. Later after your classmates have posted you reply. Easy. Sure there's a little formatting thrown in there when you cite your sources (which the majority of people in my class do incorrectly), but once you've taken one class with APA you do everything the exact same way. Cake. So that is one assignment done. I need to read three chapters from my textbook in the next two days. The chapters are only about 60 pages each. Not bad. I'll do some highlighting and take my final exam. That is due before Friday at midnight. Since the past two exams I've taken (one for each class) have been near catastrophes with our internet connection, I plan to take my final at work after my shift. With my luck, Liberty's internet will choose to go down right then. Yes, I know, pessimism is not attractive. I have finished my rough draft (and probably final draft) of my research paper this evening also. Impressive, I know. FInished and it isn't even due until Friday. It's alright, definitely not the best paper I've written in recent months. It is dealing with attachment theory in the foster care system. More interesting than it sounds. I just need to print off a copy to edit, it's easier to find errors on a hard copy than proof-reading on the computer. I tried to turn it in to the plagiarism tool thing in the class, but of course it didn't work. I'll try again later but I'm not going to worry about it. I never have a hard time with plagiarism. Just cite cite cite and you don't have to worry about it.

So that is one more class done! I looked over the schedule for the remainder of my third and last class for the semester. This class ends on December 17. I have longer than I thought to complete my two book reviews. The books are huge and are only used for the reviews, not for exams or anything. It's kind of a ridiculous assignment. Five page book review on a 600 page book and a 800 page book. I actually find the books interesting, but the assignment parameters guarantee that I'm just going to skim most of the book. I'll probably read it later. I'm weird like that, I enjoy reading textbooks. I do have a research paper to write for that class as well, but I'm pretty good at writing research papers. I'll probably search for sources next week and begin formatting it. Since I'm going home to Michigan in the middle of this class I want that time to be as homework free as possible. We'll see how that turns out.

Other than that, Matt and I woke up early this morning. On my day off. I hate it when I wake up early and don't feel tired enough to go back to bed. We headed to the gym and it was nice since it wasn't so busy. We did his hill run (he got a running training guide from the recruiter he's been following. it's been good so far) outside the gym while I was inside on the elliptical. I've been thinking about running myself. But I really, really just don't enjoy it. I like the elliptical. So it probably won't happen. Anyways, so I was on the elliptical for a little less than 30 minutes. Did some leg weights and free weights for my arms. Then did a ton of abs. I am pleased to announce that my mid section has gotten trimmer. I had some unnecessary juggle in the mid area that just needed to go. It has flattened out nicely. I still want to tighten it a little more, but it's definitely better than it was. Just in time for holiday season! haha. I did double stretches and ended right around the same time as Matt. I tried to go more ab work than normal so I wouldn't finish before him. Success. I enjoy going to the gym. It's just hard when I get out of work late and usually just want to wind down with a movie and dinner.

We then shopped and spent too much money. He got the new Modern Warfare game and I got Elf. The perfect holiday movie. I can't believe we didn't already own it! My husband made delicious ham steaks and baked potatoes for dinner while I finished my paper. And the kittens are wonderful, even if Emily has gotten worse about peeing outside the litter box.

Basically, I have a wonderful life and am so very blessed.

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