Saturday, November 06, 2010

Holidays in Virginia

It's holiday season in Virginia. It doesn't feel like it. Yes, I have been wearing my wool coat into work this week. No, it's not terribly, horribly cold. But it is November. I must get my use out of my winter coat! I kind of want to decorate the house for Christmas early this year. Like, right now! I typically get all the decorations out the day after Thanksgiving. We'll see. I won't do it today. I have to write my research paper today. But maybe next week?

I woke up this morning and already did all my homework for this previous week for both my classes. Well, I have to take my test in my second class... by I have all my notes printed off for it. It's open notes, don't worry. I'm just waiting for the internet to behave long enough for me to guarantee it doesn't lock me out of my test. Everything else is done though. I did it all in about 2 hours and wrote about 2 more pages towards my research paper already. Grad school is supposed to be about 10-15 hours of work per week per class. Not true. But some people need a lot more study time, I suppose. I know what to pick out when I'm reading so it makes homework and studying a lot easier.

I rearranged the living slightly. We are either going to buy a new couch, or rent a uhaul and bring home one of my parents' that they no longer need. Probably the latter honestly. I like the couch they're getting rid of and they'll probably pay for the uhaul. I like free. It will match alright with the rest of our furniture. Although, I'm not all about matchy matchy anyways. So now that the "reading" section of the living room is move around I plan to buy a new pantry with doors for the dining room and move that shelf over to the living room. I will then try to reorganize all my books to fit on it and the small bookshelf in the office. I might have the get rid of a few books. Sad. But this makes our space look much better. I also want to hang all the picture frames up sometime in the next week. Then all I need to do is print off the pictures I want and voila... decorated house! I need curtains for each room and a new dresser for the bedroom and I think we'll be ready for Christmas when the in-laws are here! I've been slow with this whole decorating process! We've deciding (not set in stone, but most likely) to renew our lease for one more year. So it'll be worth it to finish decorating. Sigh. It's hard when you don't have many visitors. Plus I live across town so my friends prefer to meet on their end. I don't blame them and I don't mind driving over there at all.

I have a shadow box that I'm going to hang in the dining room. I really wanted to put my wedding bouquet and Matt's bout in there... but my bouquet is too wide! I'm going to try to squish it or move the flowers around... but since it's dried I don't want it to fall apart. Sigh. Maybe I'll just have to buy a new shadow box.

I'm bored. I'm sick of studying and I want Matt to come home. Only about one more hour.

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