Thursday, November 04, 2010

Here we go

So the process has begun. On Tuesday we met with the Marine Corps recruiter Matt has been working with for the past two months. Got a lot of information. More specifics on most of the stuff we already knew. And began the paperwork. No contract yet. He has to be chosen first. But we are doing the first steps and phase one should be complete before Christmas. We are currently getting all his records of all sorts, filling out the official application, and making sure all ours T's are crossed and I's are dotted. We have two weeks to get all this together. Sounds like a lot of time, but when most everything we need is in Michigan it's a little harder. Sure we can email and call from here, but there's not guarantees that the people back in Michigan will send the papers we need right away. I work at a college that handles paperwork... I know that feet can be dragged for no good reason. Then, when we get back from vacation at the beginning of December he will have his military physical done to make sure nothing is wrong with him. This is extremely scary as if there is something wrong with him... well, he wouldn't be able to join and it might be something serious that was undetected before. There are no signs that anything is wrong, but it could happen. He will also take the AS-VAB after the physical. This all happens in WV. As long as that all goes through... we move on. All prayers are coveted and deeply appreciated as we go through this process (and for the rest of our lives). It is exciting and terrifying all at the same time.

We were told that if Matt goes into Intel like he wants, then most likely we would go to Quantico, VA; Lejeune, NC; San Diego, CA; Kaneohe Bay, HA; and Okinawa, Japan. He would sign a 4 year contract. Most likely he would be deployed at least twice, and at this point it would probably be to Afghanistan but of course that could change. And away we go. Funny enough, the Hawaii base isn't very appealing to me. I would love living in Japan for a little while, not permanently. VA and NC are fine as well. I don't prefer CA, but since his parents are there that wouldn't be so bad. To bad there are no Intel offices (or any offices really) in MI. That would be lovely. So I will quit trying to plan our lives and our future. You just never know. And of course, there's a lot that needs to happen before any of this even becomes a possibility.

Yes, it is scary. Yes, it is sad. No, I have not had a freak out or breakdown of any form yet. Interesting. It can only be the Lord providing me with peace. I know that He is guiding our steps and I would rather send my husband to physical harms way then for us to run in the other direction and away from God. Spiritual harms way is a much more dangerous place to be!

So here we go.

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