Monday, November 01, 2010


Remember that class that was aggravating because the wrong assignments and then the wrong grades kept being given to me? Well, most professors also make a weekly announcement about the assignments for that week or key things to pay attention to. This professor has made sporadic announcements and when he has, it typically doesn't flow with what is occurring that week. Very frustrating! He just posted an announcement saying this is the last week of class and our papers are due this week. Yesterday he posted an announcement about the abstract for our papers being due this week. While I follow the syllabus and not his announcements, it is still alarming to receive this notification in my email. Needless to say this professor will not receive a high rating in the end of course survey.

One a happy note: both cats snuggled up with me for a two hour nap on the couch this afternoon! The nap was good, but I just love my kittens! We lock them out of the bedroom because one cat pees on anything soft (clothes or blankets). So when I got all comfy one cat curled up next to me and the other climbed onto my stomach. Kittens make everything better.

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