Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sleepy Saturday

What else is the weekend for besides to sleep in? I didn't sleep in too awfully late because the hubband woke me up. I got up. Made delicious breakfast. Sat with him while he killed Halo aliens... or something. Got bored. Read half a chapter for my gradwork. Took a nap. A long nap! So the same effect of sleeping in. I work up and realized that I had to be productive today.

Finished the chapter. Took my quiz. Freaked out because I tried to submit it and the internet went out. These quizzes allow your to log in once. Thankfully, I logged back in after turning on the internet again, the time clock was still running, I had about 15 minutes left to submit the quiz, thankfully remembered all my answers, submitted the quiz, and only got one wrong. Not going to complain as I was worried it would just give me a zero. Formatted and submitted my title page and references for my research paper. I am now working on building paragraphs around my quotes I have already chosen. Really the paper is written. I still have two weeks before it is due. That feels good. I think I have too many quotes though. It's hard to choose when you have good sources. I read the article assigned my for other class. Wrote the discussion board. Submitted it. Done done done. Well, I still need to watch the presentation for that second class. But the test on it isn't until next week. So I have plenty of time to watch the presentation tomorrow.

I then watched some Gilmore Girls and ate dinner. Half my salad from O'Charley's last night. I don't remember the name. It was spicy, southwestern ranch, chicken, those little tortilla chips? It is yummy and huge! I also ate a baked potato. Nothing like carbs to get me going! Wanted to keep watching Gilmore Girls... but came back upstairs to work some more on my paper. I want to finish writing the first section of my outline (there are three sections, each with two points, each with a few facts to back those up).

I will then go downstairs, pop in Prince Caspian (I have been wanting to watch it but the hubband doesn't like that one), and go through my at home workout routine. I mix it up at home. I do a ton of jumping jacks for cardio. Usually 3 sets of 100 to start. I'm bringing out my hula hoop and going to try some moves in my SHAPE issue from a couple months ago. Then the normal abs work and stretching. Need to find a good back and side exercise. That will probably fill up the majority, if not all, of the movie. I can always stretch stretch stretch until it is done.

Since I will then be all sweaty and nasty I plan to do some household chores. I will make up the guest bed. Clean both bathrooms real good, and do the dishes and clean the kitchen floor. That will leave the weekly laundry and vacuuming for tomorrow.

So even though I was able to catch up on my sleep form this week, I still feel like I had a productive day! Well, I suppose a lot of that productivity still has yet to be accomplished. I am determined to stay up until Matt gets home though (around 11:45 generally). That way we can talk some before going to bed. Working opposing shifts is not fun. Nope.

It is the day before Halloween. We bought candy just in case some kids come to our house. Since we live in a little community now the chances are good. I'll have to remember to replace the lightbulb on our porch so kids know we are home. I'm not dressing up though. Matt has to work. Maybe once babies come I'll get "festive". I honestly never really cared much about Halloween. I can't even remember any of my childhood costumes! I know I was a clown as a baby... just because of pictures. I don't remember anything else. Kind of sad. I much preferred Easter and Christmas.

More paper writing. I'm writing about the foster care system. While I do think I am doing the right grad program, I am also glad that my hubband wants me to be a stay-at-home mom. Working is tiring both physically and emotionally. Being a stay-at-home mom is both of those things as well, but in a different way. Does that make sense? Anyways, working in social services would be very emotionally draining I feel. Maybe before kids I will work in that capacity some. Maybe. Depending on when babies come.


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