Thursday, October 28, 2010

but to be humble

I have a lot to learn in life. One of those lessons is humility. I never was one for humility. Ever. I could give endless examples, but truly that would defeat the purpose because it would be listing all the accomplishments I'm proud of and how I showed that pride... But it would be sharing those things again... And I'm still proud of those things! So I'm going to keep it shut up and work on being more humble. Because the things I take pride in, pointless, worldly, generally worthless things anyways. I have been learning a lot about humility.

For instance: looking at people's facebooks often causes me to take pride in certain things I do or don't do compared to other people. Or even the things I choose to include on my page or my status. And this gives me pride why? Mr doing or saying or not doing or not saying is actually reflecting as much about myself as the person I was originally comparing myself too! Ridiculous. I know, that was a jumbled up sentence.

All that to say, I need to learn to be more humble. After all, I'm truly nothing special. At all. I'm a pretty rotten human being, actually. But I'm working on it. Trying to grow.

I'm supposed to bring apple cider to work tomorrow for an office fall festival/potluck/thing. While these things are fun and the food is yummy... I don't think it's entirely necessary. I forgot to go but some cider tonight. So I have to wake up early to go get some tomorrow. Poo.

A gigantic spider was in our house yesterday! I came home from my friend Lauren's house, walked in the door, saw Emily all poised to attack, and saw the daddy spider of them all! Biggest spider I've ever seen that wasn't a tarantula! It was about the size of a tarantula, but was a little skinnier and wasn't super fuzzy. Emily kept hitting it with her paw and I was afraid it might be poisonous and hurt her. Even though Matt was set to be home in a few minutes I decided to try to dispose of it myself. I chickened out trying to squish it. Gross. So I got the broom and swept it out the door. It took a few tries and lots of squealing but finally it was outside... Right when Matt walked up! I warned him but he couldn't seen it. I hate spiders! Hate. Terrified kind of thing. Tonight I opened the glass door when I got home and saw a shadow move. It was dark but I was sure it was the spider! Sure enough, there it was again! Waiting for me to open the big door and get back inside! So I ran to the car, got my ice scraper and pushed it off the door. Icky. I then proceeded to distribute dryer sheets into ever corner and cranny of the house. Secret fact: spiders hate dryer sheets!

One last thing: I worked live chat today at work for part of the day. It was my first day on live chat but it was slow so that was nice to help me get used to it. I really enjoy it! I should have volunteered earlier! It will be a nice break from the phones every once in awhile.
Happy fall. Goodbye October!

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