Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bad Attitude

I have a bad attitude today. I snipped at a few students on the phone... just a few. I checked myself after that and tried to finish out the night strong. Work seemed to drag on for forever. I kind of want to watch The Neverending Story to complete the evening. But I won't. After lunch I had a particularly horrible bout of bad attitude. I was anti-social and felt kind of likely crying. For no good reason, I'm sure. Bad bad attitude.

I am here now. In my sweats and cami. I am starving but not sure what I want to eat. Everything takes too much preparation. Should I make scrambled eggs, a baked potato in the microwave (thank you Kroger for preparing that), mac and cheese? Something completely different? I think I want a stuffed chicken breast. So that's the winner. Stupid.

I will watch at least one episode of Gilmore Girls. Probably more. Read through my research paper and then turn it in. The option to check for plagiarizing isn't working. But I'm not worried. I way over cite. I'll read my my last chapter for this class. I'll save the exam until tomorrow. I plan to take it at work after my shift so I can count on reliable internet. I probably just jinxed myself and all of Liberty will shut down for internet. Stink.

I'll load some more CD's onto my computer. I have been manually putting them on instead of transferring everything from my laptop. This way I remember what I have and I can decide if I don't want everything. It's nice. All those WOW CD's beginning with 1997... yeah, those aren't going on. If I liked the song I probably had it on it's normal album. Just further proof that I need to update my music library. I'm a bit embarrassed by the albums I want, but a slight glimpse for you is Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and Taylor Swift. Yes, all three I am slightly ashamed of.

I was planning on going for a two mile run tonight at least. By the time I got off work those plans were trashed. I'm not the kind of person who runs when they are aggravated or upset. I just want to lounge for a bit to unwind. Too bad I'm not a wine-y. Then I would already have wine in the house and be able to drink a couple glasses. Stupid pre-conception plans!

I'm sorry this is a horrible post. I hope you didn't actually read it. I just needed to vent. Pity party over. Time to make dinner, relax, finish homework, and maybe start a new book. No, I need to finish The Portrait of a Lady. Yes, I never finished it. Not because it's not interesting. I actually really enjoy it. It's just always in the wrong room when I want to read. Instead of going and getting it I just pick up a book in that room and read it instead. I will finish it before 2011 though. I promise. Soon I'll have just one class to do. I'll have loads of free time then! And I have an entire month free at Christmas! I hope to finish The Portrait of a Lady, read The Scarlet Pimpernel again, read The Canterbury Tales again, and read Ivanhoe again... if I bought that one. If I didn't then I'll go buy it. And I hope to buy The Diary of Anne Frank. I never read that. Amazing, I know. It's something I have to read. It is a need. The three books I listed above I read at some point in highschool, but I'm sure I didn't truly understand it. I understood it enough to enjoy it... but I'll probably enjoy it a lot more now that I am aged slightly. I watched the movies of two of them and I know I understand those better now.

The end, for real.

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