Thursday, November 11, 2010


Howie Day makes everything better. Seriously. I wake up to him every morning. I listen to him almost every day at work (thank you, Lauren, for introducing me to the wonder of Pandora!). I listen to him when I'm in a sour mood. Please create new art soon, dear Howie.

So... I'm in a much better mood now. But... I didn't get everything done. I made dinner. Relaxed on the couch with three episodes of Gilmore Girls. I proofed my paper and turned it in. Oh well if it still had mistakes. I don't even care anymore. I've received A's on all the other assignments so as long as I don't bomb my test tomorrow I should be fine.

I rearranged the pictures in the living room. Yes, most of them are empty. Yes, even the two with pictures will be replaced with new pictures! I need to buy a double picture frame for above the TV. I will put our wedding picture in one half and print a lovely copy of our wedding song to put in the other. Maybe I'll print our wedding vows as well? Oh! Idea! I better write this down or I'll forget it. I hung three frames on top of each other with two the opposite way next to them. That doesn't make written sense. Anyways, In two of the three I will put a copy of my vows to Matthew and then a copy of his vows to me. In the middle I'll find a lovely print to put in it. I wanted to put some animal prints in the other two on the sides... but that wouldn't match. Oh well, San Diego Zoo. Your pictures will just have to go elsewhere!

In the dining room I had hung an canvas painting since we first moved in. It is in the center of the wall but since the dining room furniture is slightly to one side it didn't look centered. I added two square frames on top of each other to one side and voila, it looks magically centered. Now to replace those pictures as well.

I still have the large frames to place around the house and to print large prints (like poster size) to put in those. No longer interested in the professional pictures of winter trees, sorry. But that will be for another day. I know exactly where I am going to put them though.

I finally figured out how to fix the door on our kitchen cart! So it is now fully functional again. It looks lovely and not ugly. I rearranged some of our appliances as well. I don't like my counters looking crowded so the toaster, coffee maker, and our electric kettle all found new homes.

Now that my house is finally beginning to come together... please come visit! I love visitors! We have a lovely guest room (it will be lovely at least once the pictures are hung)! It needs some people to stay in it! Friends... family... acquaintances even if you're not picky! Just remember to close the bedroom doors at all times! The cats try to fight their way in but Emily will pee on the beds! Not a pleasant sensation to jump into bed all prepared to read for awhile and to discover something wet all over your leg! Yes, true story. Yes, we have replaced everything. Poor cat. They miss their naps on the beds. We just can't trust her! I still let Maxie in the room with me sometimes.

I also moved my bonsai tree into our bedroom onto the little table I bought for it. I will have to find something to put on the wall above it so it doesn't look so bare. There are currently zero decorations in our bedroom! At least we bought curtains to hang. But that does need some work. So I'll try to buy some lovely decorations for that room. I want some cliche Mr. and Mrs. frames for above the bed. I'll go find some large frames and then print the small fonts myself. It's so fun. I don't care if everyone else is doing it.

Matthew just got home. Goodnight!

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