Sunday, November 14, 2010

Lazy Sunday

It was indeed a lazy Sunday. We awoke, got ready, went to church... and discovered that it was a combined service that was mostly done. I remembered that it was a combined service just too late. I had originally thought that Matthew had to work in the mornings this weekend so naturally we would go to the evening service. Well, this is his weekend off (of course, because I had to work yesterday) and I forgot. Sigh. We were going to go to the evening service... but it is a Baptism service. So I guess we will have Matt/Becca church. Which could be good anyways. A look into what's been going on in our spiritual lives both together and separately.

I took a long nap with my kittens today. I like taking naps on the couch because then the kittens can nap with me. We don't allow them in the bedrooms anymore in case Emily pees on the beds. So I don't often get snuggles. I love my kittens. If Emily keeps peeing on things though we'll have to get rid of her. It's so sad because no one else will want a cat that pees on things so she'll be euthanized. I might not be able to get rid of her and just keep cleaning up her messes. Sigh.

I finished my gradwork for the week and now can enjoy a lazy Sunday evening in with the hubband. We plan to make tacos (a staple in this household. I generally always have taco stuff ready just in case) and watch Enemy at the Gates. I just bought it for Matthew, as he has been wanting to watch it. It was $5 at Kroger... sure it's not Bluray, but I really think we have enough of those. Plus, I can't see a difference anyways. I also bought P.S. I Love You and The Notebook for my viewing pleasure later. I need some more girly movies. Especially to prepare for when he's gone to training.

Other than that, life is wonderful. As always. I really can't ever complain (even though I do). I have a wonderful husband who is pursuing something he believes in. I have two beautiful kittens who bring me so much joy. I have an amazing family, all of whom are in good health and spirits. I have great friends and continue to build more friendships, which has always been hard for me. I have a steady job in a Christian environment that allows us to live more frivolously than we should. I have a comfortably home that is really starting to feel like "home". A bunch of other things that I'll leave for a Thanksgiving post later in the month. But yes, I have been deeply blessed indeed.

Time to make dinner and put the second load of laundry in the wash! It is a good day.

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