Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Official Review

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

*I really don't feel you can accurately judge the movies without having read the books. There are those who are not pleased with the movies and then I discover they have not even read one single Harry Potter book. How can you be displeased with the movies when you do not know what they are based on and what accurately happened in the Wizarding world?

*This movie was phenomenal! The fifth and sixth movies I was less than thrilled with opening weekend. I grew to love them despite their differences from the books. This one was spectacular in it's accuracies! Sure, there were slight changes but nothing un-expected. I walked away from my first viewing pleased and the second viewing even more pleased.

*The opening sequence of the leads distancing themselves from their past, moving. Extremely moving. I almost started crying then and there. Sacrifice "for the greater good", which doesn't have to have a negative connotation.

*I loved their use of Dobby once again. His character is lovable. Sad that house elves are so animated, but again, understandable. His death scene could have been more emotional. I cry every time I read that portion of the book. Dobby didn't seem frail enough in his last moments. Still touching. The first time I cried. The second time just teared up slightly.

*The flashes may have been portrayed better, but what can you do with limited time? I'm still curious to see how Harry realizes the remaining horcruxes. Without Dumbledore already telling him about the locket, cup, and snake it will be interesting how that plays out. Trailers have shown the room of requirement and Bellatrix alludes to her vault. Interesting.

*Excellent emotion from Severus Snape. If you hadn't read the book you should be able to recognize his feelings behind his exterior. At least, I noticed it. He is definitely one of the best developed characters in the books. I feel sorry he was deprived his proper place in movie six. That entire book was about him, after all.

*I personally loved Harry and Hermione dancing. It was fun and honest and realistic in the situations they faced. They looked like the children they were in movie 1 again. Dancing lessons not required. It's more fun if it's a little choppy.

*I'm glad they didn't spend too much time on the Muggle Registration/ Ministry changes. But it may have been hard to follow without the background of the book. The scene of death eaters at Malfoy Manor was enough of all that mess.

(I liked that they let Hedwig have a more noble death. Fitting.

*When they were snatched, why didn't Harry, Hermione, and Ron just grab hands and disapparate? That scene was changed from the books. Still worked well in context, but what about the taboo?

*Why do they suddenly say "Ack-eo" instead of "Ass-eo" for accio? Unnecessary and incorrect.

*Grindlewald? With a "w" sound? Really? Everyone read it as Grindle-vald as it should be. I don't understand why Rowling allows these to pass through.

*The Harry/Hermione horcrux nightmare... while fitting and accurate, not necessary. Not exactly a kids movie anymore... but still catering to that crowd. Surprising though. Everyone was so focused on Harry and Ginny and Ron and Hermione (which all happens in Part 2 anyways) that no one really thought about the horcrux.

Those are my detailed thoughts. Overall, great movie. I was pleased. Cannot wait for Part 2. So glad they divided it. My mom thinks it's just to make more money. It may very well be, but it was a smart choice. I think they could have divided five and six into two parts as well. Much better coverage that way.

Yes, I am a fan. I don't dress up and I don't have crushes on any of the actors. I don't read through the books over and over again but I do know practically every bit of them by heart. I have enjoyed reading the books as they came out beginning in junior high and the movies have been equally as enjoyable. With so many fluff or nonsense movies coming out recently, it's nice to have something like Harry Potter to look forward to. Sounds strange. I suppose this is something that is probably one of the more ridiculous things I enjoy.

Last note: what happened to the Harry Potter theme song? I was expecting the darker version from the sixth movie to come in on the opening credits and maybe even at the close. I really like the score for Harry Potter... and it is missing. Sad. I like those kinds of things. I have the soundtracks to Harry Potters previous and the Pirates movies due to the background music. I hope it plays for the last installment.

Cowboys and Aliens? Oh dear.

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