Friday, November 19, 2010

*almost* official review

The official official review will come tomorrow after the second watch through. Yes, opening weekend I will have seen it twice.

Excellent. Some who have not read the books may not like it. Some may just like it for the bit of extra skin you unexpectedly see. Some may think it drags on. Some may thinks it runs together without any explanation. Again, it's a movie. It's a portrayal of the book. I loved it!

The characters have grown. Sure, it was a little disappointing that we saw a whole lot less of pretty much everybody and we don't know about Teddy, there's no Dean adding to their adventure, and we are suddenly introduced to Bill who still is attacked by a werewolf. They had to cut and paste, so I understand. I wonder how they're going to figure out the rest of the horcruxes? And what happened to Dumbledore's funeral? And why about the school? A lot of details left out besides brief images and things that played on the radio if you were listening carefully.

But overall, excellence. It met my expectations. More than I can say for 5 and 6. Sure, I love 5 and 6 now but initially they were lacking. 7 ended at a good stopping point, but I don't want to wait another half year to see the end. Yes, I cried. I almost cried at the very beginning but made myself not.

I am tired. I had a long and a long night out with my fabulous friends. So tomorrow after run through number 2 with the hubband I will make more observations and hopefully pull it together a little better.

Overall though, I was pleased.

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