Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Second post... required

Yes, I am back. I submitted my discussion board earlier tonight and only one other student had posted so far this week. It really bothers me how some students cite their references incorrectly, or not at all. If I were an online professor (which I was thinking about doing once my MA is finished) I would grade harshly on that. Not like I would fail the student, but the first time I would take off 2 points and remind them to check their citations. If the student continued to cite incorrectly then the points off would increase. What I don't understand, if we are required to purchase the APA Manual which lists practically everything we need to do! You can even google examples of specific reference listings if you need! Simple. That is one of my educational pet peeves. Also when people misuse their, there, they're and the like.

When looking up verses to use for my discussion board I stumbled across this gem again. "Stand by the roads and look, and ask for the ancient paths, where the good way is; and walk in it, and find rest for your souls." Jeremiah 6:16. That is my life. We are standing at a crossroads and determining how very different our future can and will be. Military life is not something I was anticipating for my future but here is comes. Quickly. But the Lord will lead us through it all. He will surround us and He will be our guide. That is a comforting thought. But we do have a choice. I have no doubt that He will see us through. In some way or another. The word of the Lord is alive. How else can He continue to speak to me through the same words over and over again? I've read these words several times and each time it has different meaning. He speak to me. He speaks to my heart. He is amazing. He always knows what I need, when I need it.

It is past 11. I have stayed up entirely too late for the past two nights and paid for it the following morning when it was time to arise for work. This is going to be night three. At least Friday I work the evening shift so I can sleep in. I don't like working the late shift on Friday's but in this case it is good. I come home from work entirely exhausted. Read or do homework or watch a movie or something. Feel like going to be but realize it's only 9 pm. Stay up a little later and then my second wind kicks in. Shame on me. Someday I will learn. I am not wide awake right now, but I'm awake enough that if I tried to go to sleep I would just lie there for at least another hour. Maybe a soothing bubble bath with calming salts? And a Bean book? I'm still reading about three other books right now, not including my textbooks. But I really want to read a Bean book. It should only take me a week or less depending on how much time I decide to put into homework. It would be working ahead which would show wisdom. Or I could just read. Sigh, decisions.

One last thing: I am entirely too excited to go home. Backup slightly: I am entirely too excited for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Part of me wants to buy my tickets for the midnight showing now. But I don't want to wait in line and be in a crowded theatre. But I don't want to hear about it from everyone else the next day either. Depending on our work schedules it may not work anyways. Sigh. Forward now: I cannot wait to go home. I miss my family. I miss my Mabsy. I miss HOME. It will be good to be back. Even for a little while. Trips home seem to be entirely too short. And then: the in-laws will arrive! Woot. So excited for them to be here and for everyone to be together again. Hasn't happened since 2008! I have really been blessed with amazing in-laws. It will be a good stretch, December. And then... 2011. Should be a good year. Hopefully. There should be two very important life changing events happening in 2011 for Matt and I. Unless things change completely. Which, of course, could happen. You never know!

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