Saturday, October 23, 2010

I was able to communicate with two of my very closest friends today. Communicate is a good term since there are so many means of communication available now. Thank goodness for that. The first was a voicemail from Abby from Michigan. We play phone tag a lot. She is wonderful. The second was a skype chat with Savannah in the Philippines! She is a blessing. I have been blessed with a lot of friends and a few good, close friends. I consider myself one of the lucky to have close friends. Maybe someday I can live in the same state as Abby or Savannah or both. Thankfully, I do still have good friends in Virginia. It very important to have good friends. Wherever you go.

I was inspired. I saw a profile picture of one of my facebook friends and I didn't even recognize her! I checked to make sure we were indeed friends and then I checked my memory to see if I knew two people with the same name. After looking through other pictures of this friend I realized it was the same person. She had just lost a lot of weight! So much that I did not recognize her! She is incredible. That inspired me. I've been sitting on about 10 pounds for a long time now. I keep losing and losing and then I'll get lazy and go back up. I'm not unhealthy or over weight, but I would prefer to lose that 10 pounds extra that I didn't have in high school. This facebook friend was a good motivator. I just need to adjust my diet (less sugars, more protein) and commit to exercising. I bought a new workout DVD to do at home when I'm too lazy to go to the gym. It was one of the Dancing with the Stars DVDs. It was intense! I was sweating more than after doing 30 minutes on the elliptical, and I don't go easy on the elliptical. It was a good set of moves with a fast tempo and was a lot of fun. I'm glad I did it by myself though because I have zero dance background. I'm sure I'll figure out the moves the more times I do it, but for the first time I'm sure I looked ridiculous! I'll definitely be using that DVD more often. I want to pick up a few other DVDs too. Something fun to do at home.

I've been reading Ender's Shadow this week as a break from homework. This week I needed to create a working outline for my research paper. I put ore detail into it than I normally do and have enough quotes for the entire paper listed under the various topics. All I need to do is write the fluff between the quotes. That means most of my research paper is done. Good thing since my third class begins Monday. Ugh. So glad I'm just doing two classes next semester. Anyways, if you haven't read an Orson Scott Card then you need to. It is required. I've never heard a person read one of his and say they didn't like it. He is a literary genius. Never a dull moment. I used to the think the Speaker books were boring and slow... but now that I'm a bit older and understand family a little better I enjoy them almost more than the originals! Almost. You really can't beat Ender's Game and Ender's Shadow. It's funny because as I was reading the book I was thinking that Matt will be like Ender and Bean now. He will be a military man. Sure he may not be part of the Space Marines (I know, that's from a different science fiction series... but I like the idea more than the IF), but he will still be a military man. Makes me proud. So strange to think of Ender and Bean being mere children. I always picture them in my head as being ordinary adults. Well, not really, but ordinary adults in children's bodies. If that makes sense. I'm not giving the books a good review. Just read them. They are brilliant. We'll probably have to replace the entire series soon. Since they are favorites of both Matt and I and they are paperback the spines are getting a lot of wear and tear. The best books always do.

The end for now. Good night. It is the weekend. Love.

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