Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New Look

I figured the blog could use some new color. So when I saw this template and the beautiful cranberry color I was sold. I'm far too lazy to design my own html, so I have no problem using other peoples! Maybe someday I'll sit down and make it more unique and lovely... but not today. I love this color. It used to be my favorite. Then came coral, hence our wedding colors. Now, I don't think I can accurately say which color is my favorite. Cranberry and coral are at the top. I also love deep royal purple. Not eggplant or violet... but the deep purple I imagine the palace of Persia being draped with for Queen Esther. Those would probably be my three favorite currently. So this is a good settlement for the holidays. Even though I made this change last week or the week prior, I never explained why I chose it. So there ya go.

I have been trying to redo my look as well. One of my childhood friend's started a fashion blog I began following. She is stylish and I envy her hair styling abilities. I never can get my hair to cooperate. I blame the Asian-ness. Too stick straight to look good as anything other than straight. Anyways, I have been taking inspiration from her. A little accessorizing and it's amazing how different an old outfit can look. Skinny belts and the right necklaces work wonders on a plain top. I do admit, I kind of like the "preppy mommy" look. I'll probably be sporting that look for many more years to come. I've been putting more thought into my outfits though and it's amazing how cute one can look while still being comfy.

I logged in to Blackboard to check my final grade for that big project I finished. I received a 100! The prof said it was the first 100 for that project he ever awarded and the slideshow was the best he had ever seen for that project. Makes me feel good about myself. I didn't like my film very much and it was difficult to do as I had to follow my slides on the computer. So I didn't have great visual contact, but I guess it was ok! Makes me feel very good about life. There's another A towards my 4.0 goal.

I also checked out my assignment load for this week. Cake. I have to create an outline for my research paper and do a discussion board posting primarily based on scripture. Easy. I'll finish the Discussion board tonight for good measure (I don't even have any responses due this week. They are all due next week) and maybe even finish the outline. I want to write a portion (or all) of my research paper (at least a first draft) by this weekend so I'll be less stressed when my third class for the semester begins next week. It wouldn't do to have two research papers going at once.

I registered for my next semester. I'm still going back and forth between taking just two classes or three again. It sure makes the time go fast so I suppose I could handle three. Matt says I can just take two though and call it good. I registered for two and submitting my Continuing Ed form so Liberty will cover the cost. Sigh. Decisions. I'm taking Integration of Psychology and Theology and Counseling Children and Their Families. They both sound interesting and I know I'll enjoy them. Why add extra stress with a third class right? But then that's one less class I'll have to take later. But I could just take it next summer. But what if I'm not at Liberty any longer at that time? What if I am? Decisions.

Time to finish my homework. Then probably to bed early. I've stayed up way too late on accident the past two nights and am feeling it now.


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