Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My husband is wonderful...

My husband is simply wonderful. How did I get so blessed? There have been a lot of facebook status' (I feel like that should be statusi) saying that so and so has the best husband. I beg to differ, but truly, each husband can and should be the best husband to their bride. For instance, my friend Laura thinks he husband is the best. I personally think my husband is the best. Now, if we were to swap husbands... yeah, wouldn't work. We are both so different and our men are so different. But, as long as our husbands are the perfect husband for us... perfection. It is possible. Our husbands have proved it so. A high standard for the mediocre husbands out there.

My husband is wonderful. He was driving home from Roanoke on Saturday. I had to work. He saw a van on the side of the road selling potted bonsai trees. I have always wanted a bonsai tree. He listened to my wants. He pulled over and promptly bought me one. He even read the pamphlet that came with it before I got home so he could explain to me how to care for it. Love.

My husband is wonderful. he vacuumed the entire house without being asked. He cleaned the kitty litter without being asked. He took out the trash without being asked. He did all the laundry without being asked. While he normally does take out the trash, the others are generally weekend chores of mine. I had to work this Saturday. I had a large final project to finish, two chapters of textbook to read, a quiz to take, and an Annotated Bibliography to complete and submit. He knew I was stressed and did not feel like I had enough time to finish all my homework. So he did my chores. Without being asked.

My husband is wonderful. He made me a romantic candlelit dinner. He surprised me when I came home from work. He rented the movie we saw on our first "date" (it can't really be classified as a date because he wasn't exactly single when this happened) from the Xbox (since all rental stores closed). He remembered. Even though we didn't really watch the movie much (no, we were not kissing, we were just busy thinking about if the other really liked the other and where the relationship was going and what about his current relationship and... you get the idea) and I had no idea what the storyline was, he remembered.

My husband is wonderful. I bought myself a new watch. I've been looking for a good watch since we've been married. I found the perfect one at Macy's and promptly bought it. Not only was he not upset over my purchase but he likes it too! It is lovely and has a white leather strap, gold hardware, and a face the same width as my wrist! It is Anne Klein and I love it. And he doesn't even care that I spent extra money.

My husband is wonderful. When I go to bed (which is usually a lot earlier than him since he works evenings and I work mostly mornings) he has been lying with me and just talking or sitting there with me until I fall asleep. Now, this doesn't seem like a big deal, but I am a quality time and I just like knowing he's there and not downstairs playing the Xbox. It's comforting.

My husband is wonderful. I love him.

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