Sunday, October 03, 2010

of autumn and Anne Shirley

It is officially autumn. Hooray! It is beautiful. I have brought out all my favorite cardigans. I hope to procure some new boots soon. And my finger nails are red. I love autumn!

I also love Anne of Green Gables. Anne and Gilbert, such an amazing story. Makes me fall in love with my Matthew all over again. Funny how that works. It's the same when I read Jane Austen. Lovely feelings. I am so blessed to have a "Gilbert". It's so different being on this side of the falling in love process. It's very different than I would have imagined. It's far greater!

I received a 100% on my book critique. I am proud of that accomplishment. I enjoy studying, it's a bit strange actually. Grad school makes the time go by so much faster. It seems like I just started my program and here I am almost halfway done!

The cats (pretty positive it's Emily) have continued to pee on things. I've continued to wash the items and wash the floor. We locked her in the bathroom with the litter box. So far I haven't found any more accidents. I think she may have just been mad at us and Maxie. She really doesn't like him. Maxie doesn't have a clue and keeps trying to play with her and snuggles up against Emily when they nap. It's sad actually. Hopefully they will become friends again.
We have sales training this week at work. Not sure what to expect, but at least it's off the phones! I may be getting new glasses on Tuesday also! At least I'll get a new prescription. It's about time. I do have to work on Saturday, but such is work.

I don't have to work until noon tomorrow. I need a snack. A peanut butter and banana sandwich maybe? I'll finish Anne of Avonlea and then bed. It's been a good day. I love autumn.

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