Tuesday, October 05, 2010


I don't think I'm a very interesting person. Not truly. I am pretty ordinary. I go to work, I read a lot, I am in grad school, I wear preppy clothes a lot, I am married, and I hope to be a mommy someday soon. Normal, right? I suppose that's ok. I'm kind of boring actually. Maybe someday I'll lead a more exciting life, but I'm pretty satisfied with what I've got. Can't complain. Sometimes I listen to the adventures of my friends and I think how boring I am. I suppose I have my own forms of adventures. Like going to bed and realizing the stinking cat peed on the pillow and floor. Thankfully it was a decorative pillow and was not on our bed at the time. But still. I wash it and am debating just throwing it away. That's four pillows she's ruined so far. So I had to clean all of that before going to bed. Resulting in my tiredness today. Sigh. But I do love my cats.

Tomorrow and Thursday my work is having some kind of sales training. I was excited for it. I could sit with my work friends and we could probably get some chatting in throughout the day. I would be getting paid and I wouldn't have to deal with student issues. Wrong. I was selected with a few others to man the phones for the day. We were going to shut the phones down... not anymore. While we will not be making any outbound calls and hopefully it will not be busy... I still have to sit here, in front of the computer, and deal with student problems. Not that bad, but it will be extremely boring if we are slow. We can't look at outside webpages at work while we're on the clock. Boring.

My Saturday rotation has also been changed. In a way this is a blessing because now I have time to make an eye appointment on my day off and I don't have to worry about finding someone to switch my Saturday in December when I go home for Christmas. On the other hand, I was supposed to have today off. My schedule changed yesterday. And next Saturday I work. Which is the only Saturday Matt and I both had off for the month. Sigh. I could have said no, but like I said, I needed the switch for the long run. Double sigh.

But I am not complaining. Please don't read this as complaining. It's processing. I am thankful for my job. A lot has been going on lately with me and I have a renewed thankfulness for having this job and paycheck. It makes the days go much better with a new perspective. Don't get me wrong, I'll still be thankful when I'm finished and I can leave the Liberty bubble, but it's not so bad. Really.

My professor still hasn't fixed my grade. He submitted the wrong assignment in my gradebook and I emailed him about it. He replied and said 'This is the right email, thank you"... but didn't mention the mistake at all? That was the purpose of the email. I will give him through the end of this week and then will email him again.I refuse to receive a 90 on an assignment when I deserve a 100. I don't think that's unreasonable?

Blah. More of the work day. Again, I don't mind my job so much... but sure wish I could be at home instead.

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