Saturday, October 02, 2010

Lazy Saturday

It is Saturday. It was beautiful outside. No more rain. I loved the rain and with the help of my rain boots and rain coat was able to thoroughly enjoy it without getting too disturbed on my commute to work. I am thankful it has passed and hope the cooling temperatures continue as well. My hall closet of blazers has not gotten much use and it is time for them to debut!

Matthew and I had a delicious breakfast together this morning. He made breakfast while I did the dishes that had accumulated throughout the week. I am so thankful for a dishwasher to help with at least part of this process! Never again will we reside without a dishwasher! Well, unless we do move overseas. Then I may not have a choice. Oh Lord, prepare me now for the struggles ahead that I cannot even imagine! At this point I am looking forward to our future expectantly... hopefully I will remember this in times to come.

Yes, that means we are still a go for the military. Just checking off the months and waiting for everything to get started.

I took a long nap today with my kittens. Emily had some accidents again which made me furious at her. We locked her in with the litter box for the first part of the day and hopefully that will remind her of her duties. She snuggled up next to me while I was napping and I awoke with a lovely kitten friend. How can I be angry at that? Sigh. I would miss her horribly if we gave her away, but this peeing outside the litter box issue is getting old. I think she's mad at us about Maxie. She was getting used to him, but now I think she has gone back to hating him. Sigh.

I have finished all my homework for one class. I have some reading to do in my other class and then to write two journal entries in regards to that reading. I have a final project due in two weeks that I haven't even started on, but it looks like it will be pretty simple to put together. I'm not worried about it. In my second class I submitted an assignment last week and when I checked the grade book I received a 90 on it. I knew that couldn't be right and checked the notes my professor attached. Sure enough, he entered another student's assignment as mine. Someone else has my 100 somewhere and they probably don't even realize the mistake! I quickly emailed my professor to make him aware and hopefully this will be fixed soon. Yes, a 90 is still good and is still within the 4.o I seek... but I want every 100 I deserve! I got a 100 on my quiz I just took so I feel pretty confident. It's always nerve wracking to take the first quiz/test of a new class. I never know what to expect and if it will be difficult or extremely easy. This class shouldn't be much of a problem for me. The workload week by week isn't very high and the reading is interesting. I have one large research paper to complete and I enjoy research papers so that shouldn't be difficult. Yes, I am enjoying grad school. Yes, I am ready for it to be over.

I am going to do some of my reading (hopefully all) of my reading I have left tonight and then write the journal entires tomorrow after church. Matthew has to work tomorrow night so I'll have the entire night to myself. What to do? I am planning to read some of the reading right now, take a break to eat dinner (yes, I still haven't eaten dinner!) and watch Anne of Green Gables... again. Then I will possibly read some more if I need to. I'll probably start formatting my project tomorrow. I have to explain my communication process, personality type, positives and negatives, and an action plan towards improvement. I have to upload a youtube video for my professor to watch and have a powerpoint presentation that goes alongside it that has a maximum of 20 slides. The video can't be longer than 10 minutes. Shouldn't be hard. It's my only assignment due the last week of class so I should be able to get it all finished and uploaded no problem. So strange to think that I only have two weeks left of this class. By Christmas I'll be halfway done with my Master's! That's an encouraging thought.

Happy Weekend-ing.

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