Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mocking Me

Facebook is mocking me. You know those ads on the sidebar that somehow know what you're interested in? (Except the time they sent me an ad that had an unattractive picture and said "Muffin top?"... I do not believe I have a muffin top... apparently facebook thinks differently) Babies babies and more babies. Mocking. Straight to my face. On purpose, I think. Mr. Murdoch (who used to be in charge of the internet or something) I am working on it. I will look at all your ads and links and probably spend lots of money in the process when I am good and ready, thank you.

How does it know?

Today has not been horrible. We were not able to go to convocation for reasons unknown. This is the third week in a row that convo has been canceled for staff. Not only do I enjoy the hour off the phone, but I actually enjoy convo most of the time. Too bad.

When I am off my lunch break I have two hours to take a test for work. Apparently we have not shown that we "know our stuff"... so we are being tested on our Liberty knowledge. I'm not worried. But I do plan to take the entire two hours. I will check and recheck and triple check every answer if need be. But I'm not worried. I feel confident in my knowledge base. And we can use all our normal resources we have for our phone calls. So everything is there somewhere!

I am having an amazing vanilla latte right now. It is seriously delicious. The baristo (what is the male form of barista?) apparently is much better than the others who work at the food cart. Delish. I am quite enjoying it. Hopefully this will leave me awake enough tonight to exercise, finish some homework, and read. I don't like being so tired when I get home. Maybe someday I won't need coffee to stay awake. I've been getting better. Only about four cups of coffee in the entire month of September! Maybe I'll try to go through October without any.

I also changed my background on my work computer. I searched through a promising Photographer friend's picture for some I wanted to print to decorate my house with (I had her permission). I found a bunch I wanted and one is a lily pad with a water ring around it. Beautiful. Perfect for my widescreen monitor also. My other pictures I've tried from the wedding and all were all distorted. Oh well.

The end.

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