Tuesday, September 28, 2010

for a better tomorrow

Today was horrible. Going on less than four hours of sleep. I didn't feel too drained, which was good. But it was a slow day. It'll be like this until after Christmas most likely. Boring.

Got home and had a stupid fight with Matt. Which lasted hours by our silence. One of those fights that's over unimportant things and we get over quickly but that still makes me feel mopey.

Had a good workout at the gym, but that just doesn't seem to matter. Bad mood trumps energy.

Make dinner. We were hungry. We ate the whole shepherd's pie between the two of us. No leftovers.

I'm reading my book and snuggle into the guest bed since it's comfy... And smell something. The cats must have peed on the pillows. I usually leave those pillows on the ground so assumed it was old. Oh well, the pillows are old. We'll get new pillows. I stretch and my foot touches something wet. Yup, cats peed in the middle of the guest bed. Through the comforter and sheets and mattress pad. Mattress is safe. We'll see how the foam topper fairs. I think it survived. Thought about tossing the sheets and comforter since I really don't like them. I'm too cheap. So they're getting washed. With bleach. Bad kittens! I'm about 95% sure it was Emily. She's been known to pee outside the litter box. Maxie has only done it once when the box was full. Plus Emily tends to have "accidents" on things she sleeps on. Like her cushions we had to throw away when she kept peeing on them, the blankets, the couch, and now the bed. I was almost ready to get rid of her! I can't yet, but once we have kids and I'm busier I won't want to have to clean up cat pee! Bad Emily. Makes me so mad. How can I solve this problem?

Now I have to wait for the load with the sheets and mattress cover to be done so I can put in the comforter too. I'll probably buy a new one before we have guests. Makes me so mad! Any tips on solving a cat's pee pee problems would be appreciated. I kind of think she might fall asleep and then wet herself because she's so comfy.

And now I'm extemely tired because I'm so worked up. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

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