Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Goodbye September

Hello October! October is my favorite month in the year. I wanted an October wedding so badly... but when push came to shove, I definitely wasn't waiting four more months to be married. Nope. Wasn't happening. Oh well. Maybe someday I can convince Abby to have an October wedding and I can be her wedding planner! Anyways, October is lovely. The rain we've had is lovely. I got to wear my beautiful, army green, Banana Republic rain boots today. I took them off once inside because they hurt my ankles if I wear them all day. But they are so lovely. I enjoy the rain.

I watched Fireproof last night as homework. Glad my mom bought it for me way back when. Definitely not a fave. Probably won't watch it again for a good long while. Possible won't ever watch it again. But I'm glad she bought it for me and I kept it since it was literally my homework assignment for this week. I had to discuss certain communication issues throughout the movie. I was pretty pleased with my Discussion post. It was the first one (which I like to do because then it shows that I didn't copy anyone else. I don't read anyone else's posts until after I write mine anyways, but still) and I incorporated points from all of our textbooks (except the DISC one which I didn't think was applicable) and answered all the required questions for the assignment. It was a little longer, but discussing an entire movie is difficult in 300 words!

I also did all of my responses to Discussions for my second class. I have two journal entires to write (I thought I had two last week but I didn't! Yay for less work!), a research paper topic to choose and write a paragraph about, and one test to take. Not too bad. I should probably work on my final project for my first class too. It's due in two weeks and I haven't begun it. But our other assignments incorporate what we need to include in it so I'm not too worried. The assignment looks pretty interested so I should be able to compile the information quickly. Then I'll have to organize it and film myself. Gag. Oh well, just one assignment. So far I'm getting a high A in that class. Woot.

I had a lunch date with Danielle and Elijah today. I just love him. He is so adorable and getting SO big already. Makes me want one even more... if that is possible, which I don't think it is. I think the baby tank is pretty full right now. Come on fertilization! I know, TMI. Oh well, my blog, my life, my posts.

I should be in bed. I work the early shift tomorrow. I was stupid and drank a latte at my lunch break (around 4:30). Yup, not smart. Oh well. I guess I'll just have some coffee tomorrow morning also. I'm trying to break out of coffee, but one cup isn't supposed to hurt. So if I have one cup every couple of days I should be ok. Ugh, but for future I'll try to be smart and not drink coffee as much as possible. I can do it if I get enough sleep. Going to bed at 12:30 and waking up at 6:00 is not the way to do that. Sigh.

Good night.

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